Monday, 29 January 2018

Homeless pavement sleepers.

Hi. I am worried about the changes to Welfare, the increase in poverty and people sleeping on our streets.
I've been involved in campaigns for the last 10 years. Yet despite more knowledge among people. The failure to tackle the root by the people in power disgusts me.
I am fed up of walking by. And aim to at the very least get a shelter in my home town.

The myths and blame at the people on the streets. They deserve it, they choose it, they are lazy.
Well it is Society put them there.
I have no money but aim to get some for rent of a property in town for its homeless residents.
At most 12 people actualy slept on the pavement.
I have to act. People are dieing.
Please donate a small amount if you can. If not please raise awareness when ever you can. Follow link to donate.

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