Friday, 30 March 2018

Welfare Reform and world leaders. Criminals hiding behind Charity ( OXFAM )

Deprivation and crime committed by world leaders !!

I have had enough.
I am asking everyone I speak to for any advice.

In 1996 the world leaders got together.
Poverty, starvation, inequality, abuse was looked at. Well the stats are in. The facts researched, eveidence of fraud, crime.

Yet big problem. It doesn't get out. The truth is hidden by money. 

I have been researching Poverty since I became heavily involved with Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centres. Est over 35 years ago in the union movement.

I was born into Poverty and a miners child, collecting food parcels and free dinners.

I wasn't educated well inside the prison the called school. 

I volunteered aged 34 at duwc and my life of how the world works took off. 

Politics, War, poverty, Leaders and Dictactors.

Well 1996 WFS

I want to tell the world how the criminals called Government, president, leader etc.

The more money, revealing abusers liars, rapist, theifs.

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