Monday, 21 November 2011

No News

I thought I'd update my Blog as it's been a while.
Well with Christmas just around the corner and winter fast approaching it seems this year has just gone.

My daughter has just turned 18 and gone away to Amsterdam to celebrate.

I have no news on the Job front but have just applied for a local job in my town, a new shop has opened so obviously went in to ask.  They asked me nothing, other than gave me their email and told me to send in a cv.
They had an advertisement in the window. I have heard nothing back. Fingers crossed.

Well I am adding a link as I was in the Independent Newspaper.  You see the media does a great job of making out people who have no job are just lazy people, sitting at home with their nice cars and life styles. And this was a chance to put my point across.

The truth is (not that) but that we are trying hard every day, in a country that has a massive number of unemployed people all looking for work. There just is none. This country blames the people who are unemployed rather than blaming the people who run the country for the decisions they have made.

Anyway, I have applied for loads of jobs in the last two weeks via these job sites and unfortunately I haven't had much back in the way of realistic opportunities but have been bombarded with nonsence emails. It is very time consuming looking through them all just in case there is a lead.
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Friday, 4 November 2011

The Job centre jobs

I was with my new advisor on Friday. She was ok I guess.
She asked me what I have been doing since I was refered to the back to work agency.

Well along with a few other questions she did me a job search, printed a few off and then sent me away.
I put the details in for the jobs when I got home and when I couldn't find one of them on the site I rang up, and was told sorry it had gone past its deadline. Phhh that is actually quite common as well as wrong information on the advertised vacancies. 

There are very few jobs in the town in which I live at the moment and I have to rely on public transport, so have been looking within 20 miles of where I live,  there is not much comes up there either.

So for now pretty much the same on the job, or no job, front.