Sunday, 11 December 2011

29 jobs in 21 days

I read a comment from someone who posted on my Blog.
They applied for a wide range of jobs, just like I do, they applied for 29 in 21 days.

Although it is good to share experiences, it is almost impossible to find anything anymore.

Yes there are thousands advertised on line but do they really exist??? They are all advertised on behalf of some other employer.  

Where I live there is very little and I have applied to every supermarket, pub, almost every shop in my area.
Then there are Charities, offices and the like. It is getting harder as more people are loosing their jobs.

So then I do a wider search.  A few more Jobs come up but if you get any response you have to then get there.  I did get a call from one this week it was 2pm and they wanted to see me at 4pm 16 miles away.  I was happy that they rang me. It sounded great, a charity fundraiser. It is comission only and you walk round peoples houses knocking on doors at night trying to get people to give you money for charities.  Well, I couldn't get there at 4pm it was a group interview so asked if there was any othere time I could be seen.  I have heard nothing.  Also there is no help toward travel from the DWP they stopped that. They think you should be able to pay for it with your £67.50, as well as gas, electric water rates and food.  Don't even get me talking about The Gas- it is criminal and should be stopped. How can it be right for them to charge what they do for heat for goodness sake???
Pensioners get a winter fuel payment of £200 to help towards the fuel, and every time it drops to a certain temperature get  another  payment, they get free travel, and a single pensioner gets more than double a week than what a couple under 60 year old  gets.  Now do the government not think that we to feel cold as we have the same costs, and we have to pay for travel or walk. And do not forget they want us to be pounding the streets and travelling looking for work. They should be fair and it should make sense but it never will.

Justine x