Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I am past caring.

I was due to the 'back to work agency' today.  My day has changed from a friday to a wednesday. Well, any way, it is half term and my kids are not babies, aged 17 and 14. My son likes to, lets say, experiment.  I  went to Town for an hour yesterday with my daughter and when I came back there was a big fire on the garden, also my son had drilled a hole in his finger nail. He said he was bored. Now do not be mistaken he is a very clever lad, does really well at school for most part, goes to cadets, juijitsu, and has a place on a medical course  at a uni, where, in theory,  if he continues to do well in exams could go, when he leaves school. He was chosen from thousands in our county. Oh, he also does his paper round to buy things for himself, which he tends to save the money for ages.
Anyway, I was due at the agency at 2 and had another apointment at 3.  My daughter is out and I have noone else to pop in to check on my lad. I contacted them and told them I was unable to make today,   As I had another appointment, so would  not have enough time.  I went to my later appointment and upon returning  home, there is yet another fire on the garden, luckily my Dad had called round. He waited till I was home, the police had called and well - I am fed up of agencies - job centres - the lot. Am not going to leave my son to his own devices, for the hell of it.  Unless I am getting paid and my son is sound.  I have never left my kids for nothing and now they are older they are ok for a while. But I am just fed up with the crap.

Job search is rubbish too. I am, it  seems, getting nowhere, fast.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Jobcentre staff to strike over 'target driven culture' 18th April

I found this looking at another Blog.

Signed on today - it was pretty swift. I wasn't asked a single question, only, can you sign this,? Job seekers agreement, no changes since last time etc. That was it. I was handed a piece of  paper with dates of next signing on , due to bank holidays - and thats it. I had a look at the job points for around ten minutes and there were no new jobs in the last 7 days in and around this area. My agreement is 15 miles of where I live.  I would travel if required, as many people travel for a least an hour to get to work.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Feeling down

I always try to stay positive. I am a half full and an optomist, although I usually  look between the lines which can be quite tiring at times.
Well, I am feeling a bit low, as its sometimes hard to stay bright when you are never on top of things. I hate money and the issues surounding it, which is almost everything. I am behind with my TV licence and keep getting calls. I am on a payment plan £8.50 a fortnight. I was also paying a fine for not having a licence for 8 weeks some years ago, but as I struggled to pay the fine and the licence, I got another fine which I ended up in court for. This is just a quick glance at my issues. I guess I could not have a TV, but then how do you overcome things like not being able to buy decent food, or have the heating on very much, so much so that the pipes burst as they got so cold. Advice was to put heating on more, daaah, how do you buy new clothes, give your kids money for evenings out with friends, never mind I would benefit loads from a day or night out.  I have done nothing wrong yet feel I am somewhat punished for being unemployed. People have a view now that Benefits means cars, posh house, lazy, better off than those who work. Well let me tell you its garbage. It is a miserable exisitence as you not only find it difficult to manage financially, emotionally but have to defend yourself, not to mention the hoops you have to jump through daily to satisfy a system that is so wrong.

Back to where I was (TV licence)  I explained to the judge that the reason I wasnt keeping up payments is I could not physically afford to, it was not that I didn't want to pay it. I explained about how much I get and what the law says I should live on - which I was getting less than, as I owed the social fund money, which I was paying back at £18 per week - which then took me to just over £45 per week not including my CTC  child tax credit, but my personal allowance, what the Law said I need to live on.
I questioned it as they wanted me to pay £10 pw and that was really good as they seemed to understand, and decided I should pay £5 pw as well as costs and my liecence as well. Well the fine is at last paid, but I am behind again.
I rob Peter to pay Paul week in week out.
It has been a bit easier since I do not need the heating on as much.

I really do not want pitty but am feeling abit sorry for myself. I am fit, never hardly ill and a decent person if I do say so myself, and commit to things 110% -  and just want a job.

I do not know what else to do. I am constantly looking and  applying for jobs. I will adapt to anything and have done no less than 15 training courses most of them have been as a result of my volunteer role.  I have done others elsewhere. Volunteering has given me a chance to learn about all sorts eg issues affecting people in our area, people in general, a wide range of issues, customer care and service , I received funding for my NVQ in Information Advice and Guidance which I recently completed.  I got a call today from the lady who was my assessor, she is bringing me my portfolio and certificate on monday - whoooo!

I just do not dare to think this is it for me. I feel with the job market as is at present and the amount of people unemployed or facing it in near future then what is to become of me and others.  All this is no good for your mental health. I am lucky in a way as not much gets to me.  But you can only take so much untill things start getting to you.

I have to sign on again tomorrow, and yet again provide evidence of all these jobs I am appling for. I have applied to almost every business, company and organisation  in Chesterfield,  then Sheffield,  my most crazy one to date is London,   mmmm   lets say if I was lucky enough to even get an interview, you can not get any help for travel anymore. I know its a bit extreme the one I just mentioned but, seriously, not even the bus fare to my town, not one penny. 
You see, I never look at reasons why I couldn't, I always look at how I could or how I will.
As ever hopefull x

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Third Sector

Well I don't know if it is my ignorance but I only just discovered that there is such a sector called the third sector. It is, I guess, you have the public sector and the private sector then there is the third sector which includes as well as others the voluntary sector, which I am obviously well aware of.  I had never really thought of this as a numbered sector. Well anyway although I have applied for many jobs in the voluntary sector, I have now come across a whole new way of job searching. You can type in 3rd sector vacancies and loads come up.

I really love people, and if I could combine a job working with the public from all walks of life then it would be perfect. Mmmm, I can dream, I suppose, as that could involve almost anything and as it is at present - anything would do.

Well I am a bit peed off today, I had a massive tooth out yesterday,  I had put it off for weeks but every morning woke with tooth ache. I finally went yesterday it felt like she was pulling my head off and the sound was ooooh horrid.

I have applied for a few jobs this week as a result of finding these new sites, hopeful as always.
My day has been changed now for the agency I am currently with (helping back to work).  It is now a Wednesday and not Fridays.  I found out that the major firm who sub-contracts these did not get a contract for the Work Programme - aaarh what a shame. Saying that, they were planning on taking on 13 new staff as a result of the contract and did say would give me an interview, but will now not be taking on any new staff at all.  They thought they had the contract in the bag. I  know my advisor personally and let's say,  they were surprised and shocked at the news.

Friday, 8 April 2011

job centre 'travel to interview' scheme stopped!

Well if you are lucky enough to be invited for an interview, you can no longer get any help in traveling there.
This was the first I had heard about this, while looking at the direct gov site and some other sites and links. How many barriers can they keep putting up???? It is hard enough knocking them down to start with, and now it seems what is a large problem for many (affording any transport) this has been taken away.
Not much to say on the job front other than I still want one and searching hard. If anyone reading this knows of any or has any ideas please feel free to comment. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Too much time.....

This is the first week day morning that I have been at home in Months. If I am not volunteering then I am at some training course or Job club, or JC refered agency.
I have enquired and applied for 7 jobs this morning. Two had gone, and the others was a mixture of sending my cv or filling in on line application form.
I am always hopefull as if I think about it too much it does my head in. I try to think about the here and now. As thinking I may not have a job in the future is hard, especially as my kids will be leaving education in just over a year, my daughter is doing one more year at college.

I signed on, on friday so will get paid today, It is a good job as my electricity was on 29p this morning.
Anyway I was looking at the news and saw a bit about the NHS reform and the fact that the Goverment have put the breaks on so they can "reflect"  and listen,  what a load of rubbish. Also today was named worse off wednesday with the changes starting to take affect.  Can anyone tell me any person that will be better off as the Goverment says they will ???

I am due at the back to work agency at 2 so must go.. Will be looking for 2 1/2 hours at the job sites again.  wish me luck

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mandatory Work Activity Sceme. Free Labour

I have heard a bit about this so-called scheme.  The JC are going to be able to force you into unpaid work, 30 hour weeks. It is supposed to give you an idea of what it is like to look for work, also to give you an idea of what it is like in work...
Aaaagh. We know what it is like to look for work and to be in work.  This really is about Department for Work and Pensions being on a power trip, but more importantly, don't they get it???? that as we are forced into UNPAID work, this gives a potential employer a fantastic opportunity to have the staff and get the work done, but not to have to pay you.
Why on earth would these big companies take on paid staff when the job centre can provide them for free??
Don't the people who make these rules understand that this is creating an even less of a chance for you to secure employment.     
I think I'd better do a bit of research. It seems there is to be a few surprises in store, what with the work programme and schemes. Does someone sit there and think of ways to make it even more difficult to get your entitlement. Also, what about these really ridiculous sanctions - 3 strikes and your out, sanctions for 6 month then 12 month then well what??? 

Saturday, 2 April 2011

DWP Whistleblower

It seems someone from the Job centre has spoke out. It is yet again a perfect example of the vulnerable, those living below the poverty line already, being targeted again, all to meet targets. This is a discrace in this day and age, this country, words fail me.

I applied for a position in a phone shop yesterday. It was on the site, but had to go to their own web page. It was customer service/retail. It sounded ok. It took ages to fill in the online application and they didn't want cv's attaching, but asked lots about your right to work, gender, religion and age etc. I got two identical emails last night, basicaly saying I had been unsuccessful, I was glad of a response, but what did they make the decision based on?? Obviously, not your ability to do the job.

Friday, 1 April 2011

I have got a job.. April Fool

I was just browsing a few job sites and come accross a cleaning job in the Police Station. Blummin heck, they require you have a Hepatitis Injection,  need a full History investgation. Well this is the actual vacancy.
Required for cleaning cell areas for the Police Headquarters. Will be using a viracdal cleaner and kivac machine to clean walls, floors, beds and toilet areas. Colour coded systems are in place. In depth training will be given.The successful applicant will need to have hepatitis 'b' injections, also need to be fully vetted for this police. site. For security vetting purposes applicants who have CCJ's or any convictions will not be considered for this role. Uniform provided. Applicants can also ring ------

Be using a what what ???? to do what ???  

I have put this on as when I first went to the agency  (help you back to work agency) I was told "Basically if we find you a cleaning job you will be required to take it or risk losing your benefits" Let me tell you they are not giving jobs out freely, and as for  lose my benefit, what the whole £65.45 what will I do, I doubt I could be more broke than I am. Anyway it seems you go through the same process to get in the actual force - ha.
At least it was a bit better than NMW that may be something to do with it being a health risk. Some of the people you may come into contact with, and not necessarily the one's who have used the cells.

Anyway I have applied for a cusomer service/retail  vacancy this morning,  two bar jobs and a support role.
I will update my blog if I hear anything.   

I never got my response back from Primark. They had vacancies in the window. I applied on line as was told to when I went in to inquire. When I didn't hear back after the closing date I went back in to ask if it was normal not to recieve even an automated response, and was told she hadn't had time to look at the responses. I had applied  a month before. I then asked "well why have you put even more vacancies in your window then ??? "  She said they shouldn't be there. oh...

As I was looking at other peoples experiences and how they try to overcome them I found this one. It is a few years old but sums it up for people who have paid in all their life and fail to find employment when made redundant.

I better go and get ready for the JC to sign on, the highlight of my fortnight.