Saturday, 28 April 2012

Climbing out of Poverty.

Well I have not posted for a while and the whole Blog pages have changed.

I notice I have a few new followers so thank you.   :)

The job hunting is not going well at all. It is not an option for me to think oh well I give up, as then what??
I went to the JC yesterday and was told I am to have yet another adviser to help me find work.

I am doing everything to look for work and improve my skills, by doing courses to improve my chances so I can apply for a wide range of vacancies. It is very draining mentally as you become somewhat desperate and can lose hope. It is a vicious circle, as you need to be strong, positive and hopeful when looking for work, but after so long of doing so you start to feel less hopeful and disheartened and then this may come across to potential employers, which is not good.

The unemployed workers centre where I volunteer have produced a game about climbing out of poverty. It is based on the old childhood board game Snakes and Ladders. It highlights the difficulties faced in trying to gain long term employment with fair wages. It shows just how hard it can be with barriers along the way. I will post a link for when it was first used in Derbyshire, with local MP's playing.