Saturday, 25 February 2012

There are loads of Jobs out there. It's just that no one gets paid to do them.

I get it.   All of the companies involved in the work programme or the like, are all companies which if not involved in the scheme would still need the jobs doing, and so would have to pay people to do them.

When I left school there were loads of jobs if you had not much of an Education, ie shelf stacking , manual stuff, and as you worked in a place you got the experience and could move up the ladder that way. Work you got paid to do.

It is now that you cannot get a job as you need the experience first.  And how do you get the experience.  The DWP sends you to a place for free.

Like everything, it has been going on in such mass numbers that lots of people are in these places do not get paid one penny, and it is giving large companies the rights to do this.  Why would they pay anyone to do the hard slog??? they do not have to.  So put an end to it now, and the crappy jobs would still need doing so let someone have the chance to earn their wage.

It does make you laugh, as it is so obvious the only people profiting are the companies owners.

I bet half of them have some kind of friendship or interest or investment with those allowing this to go on, as shown to be the case so often before.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Job centre hinders work search.

Well I am hearing a lot about all of this work programme stuff. Also I have been looking more into others looking for jobs with out any luck.
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A4E 's Emma Harrison Has resigned.

From what?? her position as families Tsar.. I might have known she had some connection to someone on the government.  It does remind me though as 4 staff members at her company have been looked into for asking Job seekers to sign blank time sheets.

I was sent to one of these companies, another one which had a contract. And after every session I would be asked to sign a sheet which on it said, I had been given jobs to follow up, had one to one session, made plans for next week, none of which happened. It must be common.     All of these with big fat contracts and big fat bank balances. They are poverty pimps.     Blooming  chum ism, who know nothing about struggling in life.   They all pee in the same trough. No, they all eat out of it.

Me, being me, questioned it. As I felt this company were saying every week they were doing something that they wasn't.
Now if I did not keep to my my side of the contract I would have lost my money.

Anyway I looked in to it and got a response from the jobcentre saying how brilliant the staff and company was and it helped everyone who went there. It would say that if what was down on paper was incorrect.

It all boils down to this. I have always known about the large divide between those with, and those without.
But when it is daily put in front of you! I've summed it up as a group of people all who have plenty of money and so have the time to sit and think up these ideas of how they make even more money for themselves and their friends, avoiding paying tax, or even knowing what it is like to have to make difficult decisions about basic things like existing. That you get so consumed with these thoughts you have very little time or energy for anything else.

Monday, 20 February 2012


Well I went for the interview this morning and it went ok
There were 3 people asking me a range of questions, ranging from, what would I do if someone collapsed in a doorway.????
Also, some  scenarios, and questions about why I want to work there?? you know that sort of thing.

Yet again they were going to let me know today.

Well I've had no call - so it's a no then :(

I am a bit gutted-no I am a lot gutted.

It was temporary while the lady was on maternity leave.

I had gone thinking this job has my name on it. It is the only way to think. As if I go thinking here I go again along with how ever many others.  Then well whats the point??

It is really tiring though, as out of loads of jobs I have applied for , I have only got close to a few, ie interview.

What's wrong with me I am thinking?? why ?? I just want a job, a job that is mine one I can get up in the morning and feel I am getting paid for this.

I am due to do yet another course starting next week, a PC one.  The amount of hours I have put in trying to improve my skills.  In just over 3 years I have done no less than 16 training and courses. From one day ones, to one I did lasting nearly 8 months.

I am not finding all this easier, I am finding it blooming harder. Harder to keep thinking, oh it will happen for me - it has to. It is just a matter of time. Well how much time?  What do I have to do?  I am tired of it all now, I am all over the place doing one thing or another, spreading my self really thinly. For what???

The speaker in the house of commons wife, said in one of her articles in the paper yesterday about the work programme. " People are misguided if they think there are no jobs out there"  It made me angry. Would that be a none job then?? like many of her gang  do??  or appear on reality tv shows.
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Oh, it must be all of them jobs in the job centre, the ones that you do not get paid for, because you would get taken on for one of those.
I haven't had much luck with any of the few others in there.
Going to bed.   :(

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Job advertised 25 hours pw. Job Seekers plus travel expenses.

This was a job advertised on the site. Take a look.

RETAIL ASSISTANT in FISHPONDS ROAD BS16 - Directgov jobs and skills search - Job details is a Work Experience Opportunity for 18-24 year olds. Retail placement available with Superdrug on Fishponds Road. Duties as required by the Store Manager

Why would they take on anyone properly when they can do this??
There was another one similar advertised by Tesco recently. There are quite a few large companies signed up to these unpaid job scemes, and it is them, and them alone who benefit from this. However some companies  have pulled out as it becomes public knowledge, people are choosing not to shop there.
The people who work there and get paid are sometimes having their hours cut, as the work can be done for free.
After all why would a company pay someone when they do not have to?? and this is allowed and set up by our government.
The work is not a few hours. It is up to 30 a week for 8 week. And then you can be sent to another one.
There are thousands doing this. You do not even get the NMW.


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Another Interview

I received a call yesterday, it was a call to ask me if I would like to go for an interview?
Well I do not want to say too much about it, as the job is really local, in fact just up my street in more ways than one. I dare not get my hopes up too high, yet need to also feel that this job has my name on it.

Any way I will update with any news.

I got my feed back from the other interview I had. It was all good constructive advice. Maybe it will help me in this next interview.

Not much else to say really. I am seeing my JC advisor on Friday. I have asked about a course, so will find out more about it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

New advisor

Well, after I had been an official Job Seeker for one year, it was decided I would be sent to a private company for a further year, to "help me find a job" That is now also over.  They did not do a deal of anything really, only they have so many people in there at one time it was difficult to even get a few minutes. Anyway, my year came to an end. I was then refered back to the job centre for a one to one with an advisor for 6 months, so they could help me.

I have had 3 appoinments with her and on my last visit (Friday) was told she is moving to a different position so will have a new advisor from now on.

The advisor gives me print outs of jobs to take home and apply for. On 3 occasions now the jobs have already met their deadlines. I have mentioned this a few times, as it seems on the print outs there is very little information, and no end date.

I was also told many of these are advertised through a third party as the employers do not want people contacting them directly. I can understand that but it is so blooming frustrating at times. It takes a lot of thought and time to fill in the application forms as you can not just send cv's. They want to know, what they want to know, and you have to fit yourself into the person spec and job spec.

The advisor did admit that there is alot of outdated stuff and told me about the employers wishing to remain anonymous. Yet we send our lifes out daily to who knows where???

I have just realised also that I have been writing this Blog for almost a year. I don't like to think about that though, as I really can not believe it. It has gone so slow, yet so quick at the same time.