Monday, 23 May 2011

Job Interview and notice to seek repossession.

I am really happy and really disapointed at the same time.
I am constantly applying for jobs, some of them really random, some of them dream jobs and some just, well, because I have to.

Having applied for some jobs at my last visit to the back to work agency I was surprised when I had missed calls on my phone and eventually spoke to someone who had received my cv and was trying to email me some more info and requested some from me.  Anyway, she told me of a position they had which she thought I may be interested in as it was an advisory role. So she sent me the pack and it sounded as though the role was made for me, or me for it. It sounded a dream.

So I had applied  for both, the first one I fit into the spec somewhat, but the second I fit into it all, every bit.

I knew the deadlines was over now and I received a call today.  Wow - she told me " we would like to meet you for an interview."  I was made up - buzzin. But after looking into it a bit more I then realize the job is the first one, the one I have least experience of and it is part time. Still I am made up to even get this far. Then I have an email saying I had not even got the interview for the second  one which was perfect, also full time.

I just don't get it. But I tell you I am made up and it is now one step in the right direction.
So fingers crossed, as I need a bit of luck.

I have received a notice to seek possesion of my house and need to go into the council tommorow.
Things have been slipping for a while now and becoming evermore difficult to stay on top. I do not know what to do. I got into problems with my house before and I know it is a main priority, but it is like juggling,  and you learn to juggle with 3, then someone throws you a ball, you manage that and it seems just then, someone throws a few more, so it is then that you drop the lot.

I do not want pity or to hear myself moaning and I really hate it when people say that this is a lifestyle choice, or that I am lazy or a scrounger and why should I have enough money to live on because I have no job. The fact is this, if the worst came to the worst and I lose my house then what???? Is it my kids fault or my fault that everything is so bloody expensive??? - that people like me or in a worse place than me are faced with decisions every single day about things that people take for granted. The basic things in life are a major issue for us.

Anyway enough about all of this I am going to bed. I have not been sleeping too well, and that is not something I usually have trouble doing- so night night.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Jobcentre staff 'sent guidelines on how to deal with claimants' suicide threats'

I went yet again down to the JC to sign today, and don't know why but it was packed.
Every job point that was working had someone on it looking desperately through the job pages.
I did notice quite a lot of youngsters there. 

When I was eventually called I had to provide the evidence of my attempts to find work. The man I saw was polite, I have seen him before.  I had a reply from a job I had applied for some time ago, the usual sorry but bla bla. Anyway I am feeling a bit low still, but try to keep plodding on.

I am behind with everything at the moment and do not see a way clear as there is no sign that things are picking up with job availabilities. I feel as though I am struggling every single day. My phone has been cut off as I have not paid the bill.  I can still take incoming calls but not out.  I am behind with my water rates and arrears and tv licence. I am lucky as my kids dad does help me out when he can, but he himself has his own problems too. He pays for the kids to have the internet, but if the phone gets cut off completely then that will be an end to the internet too. That will lessen my chances of looking for jobs and opportunities - never mind my kids.

I have heard that fuel and the cost of living is to rise up again.  What is happening here??? 
It is already so bloody hard to manage. 

Well on a brighter note I have just completed another of my training courses, another to add my my forever growing cv of things that I thought may help me  in my search for a job.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Response from one of the Jobs I have applied for.

I received a call yesterday afternoon. It was from a lady who told me she had received my cv and was trying to send me some information via email, and for some reason it failed. I gave her another email address and got the information. I had applied for a support role.
I was a bit shocked as I had two missed calls from her and she told me of another vacancy they had and that maybe I would like to apply for that one as well. It is giving advice on a wide range of things. It involved support and guidance, some of which I have experience with. It sounds amazing and I dare not get too excited but it was at least a recognition of my hard work and determination in looking for employment,  I have been doing this for a long time and you are lucky if you get any response.

These applications vary so much, and take such a lot of thought and care that when you do get a reply it is a bonus. It would be nice, in fact no it would be ace if I got an interview and a chance to show how much I want/need a job. It would be amazing if I got to do anything, but if I got one of these two positions in what I am passionate about then I feel I would be lucky. Fingers crossed. I have to print off the papers first and get them back asap.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Back to work agency

I have just returned from the back to work agency, nothing much to tell really other than I applied for 4 Jobs while there, updated a few things and gave them all the evidence of jobs I have applied for since I last went. I was in a different group today, I usually go in the afternoon.
It was a mixture of people and was absolutely packed. I was sat not 2 feet away from a young girl on my right who had a terrible cold and on my left was another girl who just sat texting the whole time, litteraly.
The advisor appologised for being on his own and made a remark about filling seats, but not being able to manage the people on his own, he is sound.
 Some of the people was there for their first time and seemed a bit lost, I just got on with it, it is mind numbing.
I am all for looking for work and opportunities to help you find work but I can not help feel bitter about such places who make money out of peoples misery.
I have been there for some months now and not one hint of anything has come from there in any form. I was quite open minded about it to start with.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Easter hols.

Well my son is back at school today, my daughter at college.
Not much to say on the job search, I have had not one positive response in weeks, other than the usual automated ones online - that's about it.
I did have high hopes for one in particular, but nothing.(it sounded perfect)
I have filled in a few applications in the last two weeks, they all take a very long time, as they all require different things.
It is all getting a bit much, I do not want to lose sight or all hope and keep telling myself something will come up.
Anyway it has been a bit of a drag as with the Easter holiday.  I got paid early, which means I have been so broke for the past week, it has been rough.
Anyway back to normal now.
I hate money, I really do. I do not want for lots, or material things, I just want to get by, the occasional treat would be nice but "beggers can not be choosers"
Well anyway the sun has been shining and all is well and here is to tommorow and for another day.