Monday, 29 January 2018

Homeless pavement sleepers.

Hi. I am worried about the changes to Welfare, the increase in poverty and people sleeping on our streets.
I've been involved in campaigns for the last 10 years. Yet despite more knowledge among people. The failure to tackle the root by the people in power disgusts me.
I am fed up of walking by. And aim to at the very least get a shelter in my home town.

The myths and blame at the people on the streets. They deserve it, they choose it, they are lazy.
Well it is Society put them there.
I have no money but aim to get some for rent of a property in town for its homeless residents.
At most 12 people actualy slept on the pavement.
I have to act. People are dieing.
Please donate a small amount if you can. If not please raise awareness when ever you can. Follow link to donate.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Job Vacancy. Wanted!! Prime Minister for the UK. Current person has proven unsuitable.

Theresa May has proven not fit for the job as Prime Minister. I am trying to let her know to leave number 10, as she seems unaware of her inability to do the job.
Theressa May. You have proven unable to do your role.
Just a quick word about how things are for me at the moment.
Well I am still in work, and happy to have had my contract renewed for another year.

I've mentioned before that my job depends on funding from many places, including our local councils.

Our local elections results recently may determin whether I have a job next year, as our County  ( Derbyshire ) was under labour, yet became Conservative after results known. I know from the past that they don't tend to support our service, which provides free independent advice for local people wishing to seek help with the very complicated welfare system. I'll keep you posted. Conservatives don't seem to protect job losses.

Our town still has many businesses with the doors shut, and doesn't seem much difference on the job front prospects locally. With job centres closing and food banks seen as the norm. Homeless people on the streets is just terrible with numbers increasing.

Now, with our general election and the voting having made such a loud statement from to the people of UK. I feel the government need to listen. People have had enough. Our government has gone too far. With people fighting everyday for basic things such as food and heating and feel no where to turn. We have now started to turn to the very people who have gone un challenged for too long.
I've set up a petition based on the results of a divided UK and the inability of our Government to do whats right and showing they have been very wrong for 7 years.
Please read the petition and help me to show them we want including in the decisions which affect each one of us. In an interview with Julie Etchingham, she was asked what one of the naughtiest
things were that she had ever done. She replied running through a wheat field with friends.
Here are a few more naughty things you have done.
*Police CUTS
*Dementia Tax
*School funding CUTS
*Lie about Labour policy
*Would support fox hunting
*Social care budget CUTS
*Supports the rape clause for child tax credits
*Wants to rip up our human rights
*You turned on many things.
Im worried if you cut us anymore we may hemorrhage and won't have a NHS.

VACANCY Role of Prime Minister.
Must have realistic goals, not to use bullying and lies, needs the ability to reach objections from aims such as work for the majority of the UK's  best interest and not just for personal close friends and associates. Needs to be honest and reliable, possess people skills with good communication ability-whilst always working for the people and business including schools nhs railways, children, pensioners, homeless, disabled, unemployed ( oh due to bad decisons from Government and austerity ) must at all times at least pretend to care. We are the fifth richest country in the world by the way, so plenty of money will be available in bucket loads for you for doing your job.
This job is no longer available due to Theresa May refusing to leave the role
I am trying to open up the position for a suitable person.
Help me find them by sharing the vacancy.Job Vacancy. Prime Minister. Please sign the petition following the link.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Still Employed

Hi, well I have not updated my blog for some time. I am happy to say that I have just found out I have my job for another year, yes still working.

Its very sad to see many companies and factories where I live continue to lay staff off, close or make staff redundant.

I understand people still struggle daily-living hand to mouth and continue to search tirelessly in their search for employment.

The Job Centre continues to be less like a place to find work, and more of a hindrance for people facing dread upon entering the place, and staff there are under pressure to meet targets with sanctions etc for those on Job Seekers Allowance.

That's all for now.

Justine x

Monday, 12 August 2013

........YAY I Have a JOB........

Well I thought I had better just update my blog.

My first post I was actually 36 years old and I have just had my 39th birthday..

I had realised that my job searching and experiences on here had  become the same for anyone reading them as for me.. Not fruitful or differentiating very often..

Well I know that people do read this blog as I can see from the statistics..And I thank you for your comments and support along the way.

I am in employment, doing what I love the most.. Helping and advising people.  I have a contract for two years and as long as I be a good girl... ( I will ) and can get there on time :) then yes, two years. And who knows after that. There is a chance it may continue but the organisation I am working for relies on funding, so.... Yeah all is good at the minute.

Anyway. I have been employed there just over a month and it is going well. I get paid this week and it does feel good.
Don't get me wrong I am not under no illusion that the job market has improved , as it has not..And more and more I talk to people who are losing their jobs and sometimes for the first time having to seek help from the Government.. They are realising how hard this is-as not only they can not believe the lack of help but the stigma attached to it too. The judging and the shame people make you feel for this.

So yeah, I had a call today from a radio station about a letter I wrote to the chancellor asking him what he expected people to cut back on when he was saying things about we all need to make cuts. They have asked will I give my opinion tomorrow... Errr yes of course I will.

I had asked the chancellor did he think we should cut back on heating electricity food etc. As that is all some people pay for.. I never got a reply although there was some media coverage..

Anyway I am off to bed..

Justine x

Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy New Year

Well we on well into January and it's blumming cold brrrrrrrrr

I was reminded today that there are people out there who look and also follow my Blog.

People who are out there just trying to get on in this world. Consumed with demands and sometimes ridiculous requests from people.

Well I got an email recently saying this company would be pleased to have me on their books. The job required you have Internet access, phone and pc skills. Oooo I thought that the ECDL extra advanced pc course had come in useful. After reading on, it seemed they they wanted me to confirm my name, address, and training etc. UM I thought.......

A few emails later it seemed they wanted my bank account details and access to it on a read only basis. So I could have money transferred into and moved on.

I did a bit of my own research and found the address given was to let and the man's name was well known shall we say on the Internet.

So anyway not much to say.

Justine x

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Me on the NO-WORK Programme,

I have been on this so called work programme for just over a month.
I went in on Friday at 4pm and I saw the advisor who in fact is ok.

I asked him if he knew of any vacancies he could point me to, he had one, it was for an  Aldi in Mansfield, about 15 miles. They had a total of 50 vacancies in various areas.

So he told me each advisor are to refer 3 people.
That sounds not too bad yet, but then they are to meet up on Wednesday morning and they are going to take the job seekers there, still not too bad. But then oh-so what are the hours then ???
Well it is between 6am and 9pm flexible.
So then I said to him how will people from here get there before 6am if they do not drive? He then said well that is the problem.  There is no transport from Chesterfield to Mansfield until 06.30, we checked.  And he said he has only put one person through for it who has transport as he did not think it right taking them along on Wednesday knowing that they could never get there themselves.  Also he does have his own target to reach but sometimes facts and people do come before targets.

The advisor is someone I actually know and as I have said before he knows about the job searching and courses and other stuff I am involved with and was happy with the information I gave him from the past month. He asks if there is anything I can think of which would be of use to me. He also asks if I have applied at the company he works for??? I have and got to stage 3, which was an hours telephone interview.  I obviously did not get the job as that's why I am sat in front of him.

I said that this job seeking stuff gets ridiculous and you can lose who you are, it drains you. It becomes your main focus.
Well I told him I am wanting to learn how to play the guitar, I keep trying  and he went away came back and brought me some papers from his first ever lesson, he spent about 10 mins talking to me about this and gave me a copy.

Although I did not come away  with any decent job vacancies, I came away feeling like me.
Justine x

Monday, 6 August 2012

Job re-posted

Well I was just searching for the latest vacancies in this area and came across a job I recently went for.

It wasn't that great, a customer service role but it was a job none the less.  Well I had got myself an interview, researched the company and prepared well, and it seemed to go quite well so was hopeful. I fit the spec quite well.

I found out I had not got it and although I asked for feedback, got none.

So today when I was looking on line I saw the very same job in the same place put back on in the last day or so.  It must not have worked out for whoever got it then. This made me think - as this is a mystery to me - as to why on earth people go for jobs, get them, and then it does not work out.

So here I am still looking, and filling out endless forms etc. It is all very time consuming.  I do not just apply for anything now though. I am a bit more selective and take a bit more time and care with the application process.

Still forever hopeful.

Justine x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The so called Work Programme.

I went yesterday at 5 pm. It is a good way from me, I had a really busy day too.  Here, there, everywhere and back again.

Well I was lucky as my adviser is the exact same person who was my adviser at the other place I went to.
I know him personally and he gives me some inside info sometimes, such as targets and case loads etc. He understood when I said I was not signing the release paper, the one which allows them to contact others and receive payment for me being on their programme. They get enough anyway. Without inventing things.

He assured me it will not have a negative impact on me. As the release form is proving quite a useful piece of paper.   It could be confusing I guess if you are not aware of all this, as they do bombard you with info and papers, about data protection and stuff, but then on the other hand by giving permission to them, it all goes out of the window.

He knows about the campaigning and volunteer role I do, and is really good to have a chat to him.

Anyway it was short and sweet. No looking at screens, and that nonsense.

So, It may change next time I go, but until then all's well.

No news on the job front, I have asked for feedback from the last one, but heard nothing.