Friday, 30 March 2018

Welfare Reform and world leaders. Criminals hiding behind Charity ( OXFAM )

Deprivation and crime committed by world leaders !!

I have had enough.
I am asking everyone I speak to for any advice.

In 1996 the world leaders got together.
Poverty, starvation, inequality, abuse was looked at. Well the stats are in. The facts researched, eveidence of fraud, crime.

Yet big problem. It doesn't get out. The truth is hidden by money. 

I have been researching Poverty since I became heavily involved with Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centres. Est over 35 years ago in the union movement.

I was born into Poverty and a miners child, collecting food parcels and free dinners.

I wasn't educated well inside the prison the called school. 

I volunteered aged 34 at duwc and my life of how the world works took off. 

Politics, War, poverty, Leaders and Dictactors.

Well 1996 WFS

I want to tell the world how the criminals called Government, president, leader etc.

The more money, revealing abusers liars, rapist, theifs.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Luke Emlyn Robinson A-Z of taking the world back off criminals who use politics.

"Do what I say, because I said so"

Age and rank means nothing.
Respect is developed by actions.
NOT..." BECAUSE I SAID SO " War Poverty Weapons of mass destruction. Child abuse and rape, you use money for criminal activity. Leave our people alone. You are all discusting examples of mankind.

The world leaders are proven liars and irresponsible. They have not learned from the past.
Put down your weapons and money.
We are taking our future and decison making back.
I speak on behalf of everyone, the world is now made up of more than half the people who are youngsters. The world is not yours now. We are the majority voicePoverty and deprivation of human rights. The law is sometimes broken when hidden by wealthy 

Poverty, problems, charity and politics.

Luke Emlyn Robinson

Planning for ICS restless development.
Fund raising, training and vaccinations. raising ICS

Luke Emlyn Robinson

International Citizen Service, Luke Emlyn Robinson.

International Citizen Luke Emlyn Robinson

Monday, 29 January 2018

Homeless pavement sleepers.

Hi. I am worried about the changes to Welfare, the increase in poverty and people sleeping on our streets.
I've been involved in campaigns for the last 10 years. Yet despite more knowledge among people. The failure to tackle the root by the people in power disgusts me.
I am fed up of walking by. And aim to at the very least get a shelter in my home town.

The myths and blame at the people on the streets. They deserve it, they choose it, they are lazy.
Well it is Society put them there.
I have no money but aim to get some for rent of a property in town for its homeless residents.
At most 12 people actualy slept on the pavement.
I have to act. People are dieing.
Please donate a small amount if you can. If not please raise awareness when ever you can. Follow link to donate.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Job Vacancy. Wanted!! Prime Minister for the UK. Current person has proven unsuitable.

Theresa May has proven not fit for the job as Prime Minister. I am trying to let her know to leave number 10, as she seems unaware of her inability to do the job.
Theressa May. You have proven unable to do your role.
Just a quick word about how things are for me at the moment.
Well I am still in work, and happy to have had my contract renewed for another year.

I've mentioned before that my job depends on funding from many places, including our local councils.

Our local elections results recently may determin whether I have a job next year, as our County  ( Derbyshire ) was under labour, yet became Conservative after results known. I know from the past that they don't tend to support our service, which provides free independent advice for local people wishing to seek help with the very complicated welfare system. I'll keep you posted. Conservatives don't seem to protect job losses.

Our town still has many businesses with the doors shut, and doesn't seem much difference on the job front prospects locally. With job centres closing and food banks seen as the norm. Homeless people on the streets is just terrible with numbers increasing.

Now, with our general election and the voting having made such a loud statement from to the people of UK. I feel the government need to listen. People have had enough. Our government has gone too far. With people fighting everyday for basic things such as food and heating and feel no where to turn. We have now started to turn to the very people who have gone un challenged for too long.
I've set up a petition based on the results of a divided UK and the inability of our Government to do whats right and showing they have been very wrong for 7 years.
Please read the petition and help me to show them we want including in the decisions which affect each one of us. In an interview with Julie Etchingham, she was asked what one of the naughtiest
things were that she had ever done. She replied running through a wheat field with friends.
Here are a few more naughty things you have done.
*Police CUTS
*Dementia Tax
*School funding CUTS
*Lie about Labour policy
*Would support fox hunting
*Social care budget CUTS
*Supports the rape clause for child tax credits
*Wants to rip up our human rights
*You turned on many things.
Im worried if you cut us anymore we may hemorrhage and won't have a NHS.

VACANCY Role of Prime Minister.
Must have realistic goals, not to use bullying and lies, needs the ability to reach objections from aims such as work for the majority of the UK's  best interest and not just for personal close friends and associates. Needs to be honest and reliable, possess people skills with good communication ability-whilst always working for the people and business including schools nhs railways, children, pensioners, homeless, disabled, unemployed ( oh due to bad decisons from Government and austerity ) must at all times at least pretend to care. We are the fifth richest country in the world by the way, so plenty of money will be available in bucket loads for you for doing your job.
This job is no longer available due to Theresa May refusing to leave the role
I am trying to open up the position for a suitable person.
Help me find them by sharing the vacancy.Job Vacancy. Prime Minister. Please sign the petition following the link.