Sunday, 11 December 2011

29 jobs in 21 days

I read a comment from someone who posted on my Blog.
They applied for a wide range of jobs, just like I do, they applied for 29 in 21 days.

Although it is good to share experiences, it is almost impossible to find anything anymore.

Yes there are thousands advertised on line but do they really exist??? They are all advertised on behalf of some other employer.  

Where I live there is very little and I have applied to every supermarket, pub, almost every shop in my area.
Then there are Charities, offices and the like. It is getting harder as more people are loosing their jobs.

So then I do a wider search.  A few more Jobs come up but if you get any response you have to then get there.  I did get a call from one this week it was 2pm and they wanted to see me at 4pm 16 miles away.  I was happy that they rang me. It sounded great, a charity fundraiser. It is comission only and you walk round peoples houses knocking on doors at night trying to get people to give you money for charities.  Well, I couldn't get there at 4pm it was a group interview so asked if there was any othere time I could be seen.  I have heard nothing.  Also there is no help toward travel from the DWP they stopped that. They think you should be able to pay for it with your £67.50, as well as gas, electric water rates and food.  Don't even get me talking about The Gas- it is criminal and should be stopped. How can it be right for them to charge what they do for heat for goodness sake???
Pensioners get a winter fuel payment of £200 to help towards the fuel, and every time it drops to a certain temperature get  another  payment, they get free travel, and a single pensioner gets more than double a week than what a couple under 60 year old  gets.  Now do the government not think that we to feel cold as we have the same costs, and we have to pay for travel or walk. And do not forget they want us to be pounding the streets and travelling looking for work. They should be fair and it should make sense but it never will.

Justine x

Monday, 21 November 2011

No News

I thought I'd update my Blog as it's been a while.
Well with Christmas just around the corner and winter fast approaching it seems this year has just gone.

My daughter has just turned 18 and gone away to Amsterdam to celebrate.

I have no news on the Job front but have just applied for a local job in my town, a new shop has opened so obviously went in to ask.  They asked me nothing, other than gave me their email and told me to send in a cv.
They had an advertisement in the window. I have heard nothing back. Fingers crossed.

Well I am adding a link as I was in the Independent Newspaper.  You see the media does a great job of making out people who have no job are just lazy people, sitting at home with their nice cars and life styles. And this was a chance to put my point across.

The truth is (not that) but that we are trying hard every day, in a country that has a massive number of unemployed people all looking for work. There just is none. This country blames the people who are unemployed rather than blaming the people who run the country for the decisions they have made.

Anyway, I have applied for loads of jobs in the last two weeks via these job sites and unfortunately I haven't had much back in the way of realistic opportunities but have been bombarded with nonsence emails. It is very time consuming looking through them all just in case there is a lead.
copy and paste

Friday, 4 November 2011

The Job centre jobs

I was with my new advisor on Friday. She was ok I guess.
She asked me what I have been doing since I was refered to the back to work agency.

Well along with a few other questions she did me a job search, printed a few off and then sent me away.
I put the details in for the jobs when I got home and when I couldn't find one of them on the site I rang up, and was told sorry it had gone past its deadline. Phhh that is actually quite common as well as wrong information on the advertised vacancies. 

There are very few jobs in the town in which I live at the moment and I have to rely on public transport, so have been looking within 20 miles of where I live,  there is not much comes up there either.

So for now pretty much the same on the job, or no job, front.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Not on the Work Programme

Well its good news as far as my appointment at the JC last Friday.

I was told I am not to be considered for the Work Programme for at least 9 month.

I am to get support from the JC instead.  I have gone a full circle now. As when I first went on Job Seekers I had to see an advisor at the JC for a  year, and then I was refered to and agency, and  when it ended,  back to the Job Centre.

Its all nonsense stuff anyway-The Work Programme, and private companies (being paid to baby sit people) Now some people may think I sould be out cleaning streets for free, as was once mentioned by a local MP. Ok but what about the people who get paid to clean streets? it will take away their job.  Its like that with a part of the work programme, you do unpaid labour, but as I always say, who will pay someone when they are being sent people for free?

I do not know the answers to alot of this stuff but I do know that realistic jobs and opportunities are what people need, and help financially.  It is already stressfull being out of work and with the added pressure of trying to manage daily. The forever increase in the cost of living is driving people further away as they then become so down they start to loose all hope.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Filling in my Signing book

Well it's almost 11pm and am wondering what the JC+ will have in store for me in the morning.

I usually sign at 12.40, but last time I was in I was given a letter to sign saying I would be in at 9 am and must attend other wise I may not get my £67.50.

Anyway I have been looking on line and at my emails at the jobs I have applied for in the past two weeks and have to then put them in my signing book.  I have applied for 13.  I know that may not sound like alot to some people but I go through patches. Some times I just apply for all sorts in all places and then other times I feel so peed off with it that it gets you so you just go through the motions of providing the Job Centre with the minimum 6 that they require (for you to be actively seeking work) and to get your payment.

Anyway I have been wondering why they want to see me in the morning as when I asked I was told it was just to see an advisor.  I wonder what the advice will be?????

I have not been too well for over a month and will not tell the JC or any pottential employers for the simple fact that I have not been able to find employment as a fit and active person with a forever growing cv, so no matter what employers say about equall opportunities and all that, it is a load off rubbish, as if they found out anyone had any kind of illness then you would never get a job over someone who hasn't.

Will update after the appointment tomorrow. xxx

Friday, 30 September 2011

Surprise appointment ( at the Job Centre )

Well I went to sign on again today, and whilst waiting to be seen I was looking at the job points, the screens advertising the latest vacancies. There was not a deal of jobs on there, but I took a few print outs anyway.

My name was called and I sat down and was handed a letter saying in two weeks time I was to go to the Job centre at 9 am and not 12.40. The advisor asked me to sign another piece of paper saying that I had recieved this letter and when I asked what the appointment was she simply said it was to see an advisor.  I guess it will be a surprise.

I signed the paper as well as signed on to say I'd been actively seeking work and had to explain what sort of things I have been doing.

There is a hell of a lot of work experience vacancies and volunteer opportunities all over the Job Centre on leaflets, it is surprising how many places are taking on people for no payment.  Soon there will be no paid jobs as we will all be doing work for free, and being forced to for our pittance.

Well not much to say on the job front.  There is a new Toys 'R' us store apparently opening near me, I saw it advertised in the Job Centre so applied on line, and after not even getting an automated response decided to ask in the Job Centre if they knew anything about the jobs.  I was told that the job vacancies had been suspended due to the amount of applicants.

I did get a call about a tele sales vacancy I had applied for and they said they are setting up interviews.

I called into the job fair yesterday, there was lots of people giving out leaflets so I took a few. I will look through them and some have application forms.

Thats all for now x

Friday, 26 August 2011

FND- flexible new deal ended.

I went to my back to work agency today and it was my last apointment. It was also everyone elses.
The flexible new deal has ended and the new work programe has begun, another badly thought out plan.

I am on the work programe for two years and am to be sent to another one of these companies. They help you to "get back to work". Good luck with that.

I can be doing unpaid work of up to 30 hour a week for not one extra penny. That is all good and well but when employers can have us for free why on earth would they want to pay anyone??  there is a job shortage as it is. All I hear is 'look for work, eveyone should be in work',  and if not - there is something wrong with you!

I have heard nothing about the shortage of realistic job opportunities.

I went for another job interview on Wednesday. It was really good to get the call and even be asked in. It is a new call centre just opened in town, - you never know. I guess the hours were not great as it's late afternoon and evenings, just as my kids come home, but I will take it if they call me.  I am beginning to wonder as they said they would be in touch by the end of today, well its late - but you never know.

I have applied for 7 vacancies this week as well as look in the usual places, and there is less jobs than ever in our town or within 20 miles of it.

Well I am writing this from my own pc, yeah I am back online at last. 

I am going for now and hoping as always that my job is just around the corner.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I am taking this opportunity to catch up with my Blogg as it has been a while.

Well the kids are off school and college so it is slightly different, it is amazing how much food and stuff they get through.

I am still very active in searching for work and feel constantly anxious that my son will leave education in one year and then it will be really difficult as my daughter will be leaving college at the same time.

My Child benefit will end so will the Child Tax Credit. I just hope to be earning a wage as I do not know what will happen.

Well as far as job searching it has been a bit more difficult as when I am online I can apply and look at lots of different things.
But instead I have to go to the library or try to use a pc when I am at my volunteer place.

I had an interview recently, I felt really good about it and had a good feeling, but nothing. Also, someone left the details of another position with a local agency, which I filled in, it took over an hour which is about the same time it takes to fill most in. I have sent it off although it did not say on the job description you needed a car and a full licence but it did say it on the bottom of one of the sheets.  I sent it off anyway.

I have seen an english and maths course, and if you complete it they will send off for your provisional licence.
So I am doing that as it is nice to think that one day I may earn money and have lessons. It is a massive regret I have, never learning to drive.

Anyway the back to work agency I was refered to is coming to an end.  I have two more sessions to attend and then guess what? -  I am refered back to the job centre and they send me to another.  It really is a load of rubbish.  The have so many people squashed into one room. They are so stretched in there that they can not deliver the very service that they say they do.

I will leave it here for now and hope to be back on the net soon as I am in the process of having my phone put back on, thanks to a family member. I have actually felt really out of touch since it was cut off not to mention the kids. x

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I have an Interview.

I have an Interview today. I was quite surprised as I applied for it over 6 weeks ago.
I was a bit confused as I have applied for so many that when I get a call I do not always realise what job It is.
Fingers crossed, anyway I have had a letter from the Job Centre wanting to know about my volunteer work
and and paid work I am doing.
I do a paper round with my son. It goes in to my bank and the money from it is classed as my income. they sent me a letter yesterday wanting the last four months wage slips.

Anyway  must go.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Looking for work.. Interview under caution.

I have no internet access at the moment and finding it really difficult to check job vacancies, as well as keep up with my blog.  I have had my phone cut off too.
I was at the job centre recently and rang up job seekers direct about four vacancies.

One had been suspended, two of them you needed qualifications not advertised and the other one at least sounded ok. I spoke to the lady for a good 15 mins. It was a job share but still heard nothing.
I have been told of one which sounds really good so have sent for an application pack.

As usual,  I was asked to prove what I had been doing to look for work. So I had to produce lots of job sheets, numbers.

I have had a letter from the job centre saying they think I may have commited fraud.
So had to go in and have an interview under caution.
I did take a solicitor with me as the initial letter from them was a bit harsh.

It seems my house has been watched, he told me they had to obtain permision to do this, and had my childs  birth records looked into. This was to see who was down as my child's father.

So now the DWP have looked right back to the birth of one of my kids. In a nut shell, they are investigating - do I live with someone as my husband, civil partner????? 

Do I share bills??  how do the public perceive me?? does the other person have another address?? does anyone support me and my kids???

I would like to know what they think I would do if they were to stop my Job Seekers Allowance!  I do not manage now. 

I have to wait and see what my fate is......

Monday, 6 June 2011

How much do you want a Job???

Bogus Jobs at Job Centre. I saw this on the news on thursday.  See link.

I have had my internet cut off at home so I am finding it a bit difficult to keep up with my Blog at present.

The dream job I had applied for didn't amount to anything. Well I did get an email saying I had not made the short list.

The other job I did get an interview for went really well untill it came to what exactly I would be doing.

The job description said it was a role to support people in the community, help people access goods and services, contact other organisations etc. It sounded ok and I was keen to hear more.

When they said the job involved alot of personal care for people with severe physical and mental problems bathing, washing, dressing and toileting.
I think my face must have dropped as this is not what I was expecting. The job advertised did not say carer and I am not very good with this sort of personal contact..

I think there are people out there who do this every day, and do not think twice about it but I know I could definately not.

This has made me really think about things, and I have tried to get my head around doing a job like this.  I could really do with the money and have been looking for so long.

Well anyway I didn't get offered the job so it was made a bit easier I guess.

Anyway it has made me think.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Job Interview and notice to seek repossession.

I am really happy and really disapointed at the same time.
I am constantly applying for jobs, some of them really random, some of them dream jobs and some just, well, because I have to.

Having applied for some jobs at my last visit to the back to work agency I was surprised when I had missed calls on my phone and eventually spoke to someone who had received my cv and was trying to email me some more info and requested some from me.  Anyway, she told me of a position they had which she thought I may be interested in as it was an advisory role. So she sent me the pack and it sounded as though the role was made for me, or me for it. It sounded a dream.

So I had applied  for both, the first one I fit into the spec somewhat, but the second I fit into it all, every bit.

I knew the deadlines was over now and I received a call today.  Wow - she told me " we would like to meet you for an interview."  I was made up - buzzin. But after looking into it a bit more I then realize the job is the first one, the one I have least experience of and it is part time. Still I am made up to even get this far. Then I have an email saying I had not even got the interview for the second  one which was perfect, also full time.

I just don't get it. But I tell you I am made up and it is now one step in the right direction.
So fingers crossed, as I need a bit of luck.

I have received a notice to seek possesion of my house and need to go into the council tommorow.
Things have been slipping for a while now and becoming evermore difficult to stay on top. I do not know what to do. I got into problems with my house before and I know it is a main priority, but it is like juggling,  and you learn to juggle with 3, then someone throws you a ball, you manage that and it seems just then, someone throws a few more, so it is then that you drop the lot.

I do not want pity or to hear myself moaning and I really hate it when people say that this is a lifestyle choice, or that I am lazy or a scrounger and why should I have enough money to live on because I have no job. The fact is this, if the worst came to the worst and I lose my house then what???? Is it my kids fault or my fault that everything is so bloody expensive??? - that people like me or in a worse place than me are faced with decisions every single day about things that people take for granted. The basic things in life are a major issue for us.

Anyway enough about all of this I am going to bed. I have not been sleeping too well, and that is not something I usually have trouble doing- so night night.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Jobcentre staff 'sent guidelines on how to deal with claimants' suicide threats'

I went yet again down to the JC to sign today, and don't know why but it was packed.
Every job point that was working had someone on it looking desperately through the job pages.
I did notice quite a lot of youngsters there. 

When I was eventually called I had to provide the evidence of my attempts to find work. The man I saw was polite, I have seen him before.  I had a reply from a job I had applied for some time ago, the usual sorry but bla bla. Anyway I am feeling a bit low still, but try to keep plodding on.

I am behind with everything at the moment and do not see a way clear as there is no sign that things are picking up with job availabilities. I feel as though I am struggling every single day. My phone has been cut off as I have not paid the bill.  I can still take incoming calls but not out.  I am behind with my water rates and arrears and tv licence. I am lucky as my kids dad does help me out when he can, but he himself has his own problems too. He pays for the kids to have the internet, but if the phone gets cut off completely then that will be an end to the internet too. That will lessen my chances of looking for jobs and opportunities - never mind my kids.

I have heard that fuel and the cost of living is to rise up again.  What is happening here??? 
It is already so bloody hard to manage. 

Well on a brighter note I have just completed another of my training courses, another to add my my forever growing cv of things that I thought may help me  in my search for a job.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Response from one of the Jobs I have applied for.

I received a call yesterday afternoon. It was from a lady who told me she had received my cv and was trying to send me some information via email, and for some reason it failed. I gave her another email address and got the information. I had applied for a support role.
I was a bit shocked as I had two missed calls from her and she told me of another vacancy they had and that maybe I would like to apply for that one as well. It is giving advice on a wide range of things. It involved support and guidance, some of which I have experience with. It sounds amazing and I dare not get too excited but it was at least a recognition of my hard work and determination in looking for employment,  I have been doing this for a long time and you are lucky if you get any response.

These applications vary so much, and take such a lot of thought and care that when you do get a reply it is a bonus. It would be nice, in fact no it would be ace if I got an interview and a chance to show how much I want/need a job. It would be amazing if I got to do anything, but if I got one of these two positions in what I am passionate about then I feel I would be lucky. Fingers crossed. I have to print off the papers first and get them back asap.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Back to work agency

I have just returned from the back to work agency, nothing much to tell really other than I applied for 4 Jobs while there, updated a few things and gave them all the evidence of jobs I have applied for since I last went. I was in a different group today, I usually go in the afternoon.
It was a mixture of people and was absolutely packed. I was sat not 2 feet away from a young girl on my right who had a terrible cold and on my left was another girl who just sat texting the whole time, litteraly.
The advisor appologised for being on his own and made a remark about filling seats, but not being able to manage the people on his own, he is sound.
 Some of the people was there for their first time and seemed a bit lost, I just got on with it, it is mind numbing.
I am all for looking for work and opportunities to help you find work but I can not help feel bitter about such places who make money out of peoples misery.
I have been there for some months now and not one hint of anything has come from there in any form. I was quite open minded about it to start with.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Easter hols.

Well my son is back at school today, my daughter at college.
Not much to say on the job search, I have had not one positive response in weeks, other than the usual automated ones online - that's about it.
I did have high hopes for one in particular, but nothing.(it sounded perfect)
I have filled in a few applications in the last two weeks, they all take a very long time, as they all require different things.
It is all getting a bit much, I do not want to lose sight or all hope and keep telling myself something will come up.
Anyway it has been a bit of a drag as with the Easter holiday.  I got paid early, which means I have been so broke for the past week, it has been rough.
Anyway back to normal now.
I hate money, I really do. I do not want for lots, or material things, I just want to get by, the occasional treat would be nice but "beggers can not be choosers"
Well anyway the sun has been shining and all is well and here is to tommorow and for another day.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I am past caring.

I was due to the 'back to work agency' today.  My day has changed from a friday to a wednesday. Well, any way, it is half term and my kids are not babies, aged 17 and 14. My son likes to, lets say, experiment.  I  went to Town for an hour yesterday with my daughter and when I came back there was a big fire on the garden, also my son had drilled a hole in his finger nail. He said he was bored. Now do not be mistaken he is a very clever lad, does really well at school for most part, goes to cadets, juijitsu, and has a place on a medical course  at a uni, where, in theory,  if he continues to do well in exams could go, when he leaves school. He was chosen from thousands in our county. Oh, he also does his paper round to buy things for himself, which he tends to save the money for ages.
Anyway, I was due at the agency at 2 and had another apointment at 3.  My daughter is out and I have noone else to pop in to check on my lad. I contacted them and told them I was unable to make today,   As I had another appointment, so would  not have enough time.  I went to my later appointment and upon returning  home, there is yet another fire on the garden, luckily my Dad had called round. He waited till I was home, the police had called and well - I am fed up of agencies - job centres - the lot. Am not going to leave my son to his own devices, for the hell of it.  Unless I am getting paid and my son is sound.  I have never left my kids for nothing and now they are older they are ok for a while. But I am just fed up with the crap.

Job search is rubbish too. I am, it  seems, getting nowhere, fast.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Jobcentre staff to strike over 'target driven culture' 18th April

I found this looking at another Blog.

Signed on today - it was pretty swift. I wasn't asked a single question, only, can you sign this,? Job seekers agreement, no changes since last time etc. That was it. I was handed a piece of  paper with dates of next signing on , due to bank holidays - and thats it. I had a look at the job points for around ten minutes and there were no new jobs in the last 7 days in and around this area. My agreement is 15 miles of where I live.  I would travel if required, as many people travel for a least an hour to get to work.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Feeling down

I always try to stay positive. I am a half full and an optomist, although I usually  look between the lines which can be quite tiring at times.
Well, I am feeling a bit low, as its sometimes hard to stay bright when you are never on top of things. I hate money and the issues surounding it, which is almost everything. I am behind with my TV licence and keep getting calls. I am on a payment plan £8.50 a fortnight. I was also paying a fine for not having a licence for 8 weeks some years ago, but as I struggled to pay the fine and the licence, I got another fine which I ended up in court for. This is just a quick glance at my issues. I guess I could not have a TV, but then how do you overcome things like not being able to buy decent food, or have the heating on very much, so much so that the pipes burst as they got so cold. Advice was to put heating on more, daaah, how do you buy new clothes, give your kids money for evenings out with friends, never mind I would benefit loads from a day or night out.  I have done nothing wrong yet feel I am somewhat punished for being unemployed. People have a view now that Benefits means cars, posh house, lazy, better off than those who work. Well let me tell you its garbage. It is a miserable exisitence as you not only find it difficult to manage financially, emotionally but have to defend yourself, not to mention the hoops you have to jump through daily to satisfy a system that is so wrong.

Back to where I was (TV licence)  I explained to the judge that the reason I wasnt keeping up payments is I could not physically afford to, it was not that I didn't want to pay it. I explained about how much I get and what the law says I should live on - which I was getting less than, as I owed the social fund money, which I was paying back at £18 per week - which then took me to just over £45 per week not including my CTC  child tax credit, but my personal allowance, what the Law said I need to live on.
I questioned it as they wanted me to pay £10 pw and that was really good as they seemed to understand, and decided I should pay £5 pw as well as costs and my liecence as well. Well the fine is at last paid, but I am behind again.
I rob Peter to pay Paul week in week out.
It has been a bit easier since I do not need the heating on as much.

I really do not want pitty but am feeling abit sorry for myself. I am fit, never hardly ill and a decent person if I do say so myself, and commit to things 110% -  and just want a job.

I do not know what else to do. I am constantly looking and  applying for jobs. I will adapt to anything and have done no less than 15 training courses most of them have been as a result of my volunteer role.  I have done others elsewhere. Volunteering has given me a chance to learn about all sorts eg issues affecting people in our area, people in general, a wide range of issues, customer care and service , I received funding for my NVQ in Information Advice and Guidance which I recently completed.  I got a call today from the lady who was my assessor, she is bringing me my portfolio and certificate on monday - whoooo!

I just do not dare to think this is it for me. I feel with the job market as is at present and the amount of people unemployed or facing it in near future then what is to become of me and others.  All this is no good for your mental health. I am lucky in a way as not much gets to me.  But you can only take so much untill things start getting to you.

I have to sign on again tomorrow, and yet again provide evidence of all these jobs I am appling for. I have applied to almost every business, company and organisation  in Chesterfield,  then Sheffield,  my most crazy one to date is London,   mmmm   lets say if I was lucky enough to even get an interview, you can not get any help for travel anymore. I know its a bit extreme the one I just mentioned but, seriously, not even the bus fare to my town, not one penny. 
You see, I never look at reasons why I couldn't, I always look at how I could or how I will.
As ever hopefull x

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Third Sector

Well I don't know if it is my ignorance but I only just discovered that there is such a sector called the third sector. It is, I guess, you have the public sector and the private sector then there is the third sector which includes as well as others the voluntary sector, which I am obviously well aware of.  I had never really thought of this as a numbered sector. Well anyway although I have applied for many jobs in the voluntary sector, I have now come across a whole new way of job searching. You can type in 3rd sector vacancies and loads come up.

I really love people, and if I could combine a job working with the public from all walks of life then it would be perfect. Mmmm, I can dream, I suppose, as that could involve almost anything and as it is at present - anything would do.

Well I am a bit peed off today, I had a massive tooth out yesterday,  I had put it off for weeks but every morning woke with tooth ache. I finally went yesterday it felt like she was pulling my head off and the sound was ooooh horrid.

I have applied for a few jobs this week as a result of finding these new sites, hopeful as always.
My day has been changed now for the agency I am currently with (helping back to work).  It is now a Wednesday and not Fridays.  I found out that the major firm who sub-contracts these did not get a contract for the Work Programme - aaarh what a shame. Saying that, they were planning on taking on 13 new staff as a result of the contract and did say would give me an interview, but will now not be taking on any new staff at all.  They thought they had the contract in the bag. I  know my advisor personally and let's say,  they were surprised and shocked at the news.

Friday, 8 April 2011

job centre 'travel to interview' scheme stopped!

Well if you are lucky enough to be invited for an interview, you can no longer get any help in traveling there.
This was the first I had heard about this, while looking at the direct gov site and some other sites and links. How many barriers can they keep putting up???? It is hard enough knocking them down to start with, and now it seems what is a large problem for many (affording any transport) this has been taken away.
Not much to say on the job front other than I still want one and searching hard. If anyone reading this knows of any or has any ideas please feel free to comment. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Too much time.....

This is the first week day morning that I have been at home in Months. If I am not volunteering then I am at some training course or Job club, or JC refered agency.
I have enquired and applied for 7 jobs this morning. Two had gone, and the others was a mixture of sending my cv or filling in on line application form.
I am always hopefull as if I think about it too much it does my head in. I try to think about the here and now. As thinking I may not have a job in the future is hard, especially as my kids will be leaving education in just over a year, my daughter is doing one more year at college.

I signed on, on friday so will get paid today, It is a good job as my electricity was on 29p this morning.
Anyway I was looking at the news and saw a bit about the NHS reform and the fact that the Goverment have put the breaks on so they can "reflect"  and listen,  what a load of rubbish. Also today was named worse off wednesday with the changes starting to take affect.  Can anyone tell me any person that will be better off as the Goverment says they will ???

I am due at the back to work agency at 2 so must go.. Will be looking for 2 1/2 hours at the job sites again.  wish me luck

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mandatory Work Activity Sceme. Free Labour

I have heard a bit about this so-called scheme.  The JC are going to be able to force you into unpaid work, 30 hour weeks. It is supposed to give you an idea of what it is like to look for work, also to give you an idea of what it is like in work...
Aaaagh. We know what it is like to look for work and to be in work.  This really is about Department for Work and Pensions being on a power trip, but more importantly, don't they get it???? that as we are forced into UNPAID work, this gives a potential employer a fantastic opportunity to have the staff and get the work done, but not to have to pay you.
Why on earth would these big companies take on paid staff when the job centre can provide them for free??
Don't the people who make these rules understand that this is creating an even less of a chance for you to secure employment.     
I think I'd better do a bit of research. It seems there is to be a few surprises in store, what with the work programme and schemes. Does someone sit there and think of ways to make it even more difficult to get your entitlement. Also, what about these really ridiculous sanctions - 3 strikes and your out, sanctions for 6 month then 12 month then well what??? 

Saturday, 2 April 2011

DWP Whistleblower

It seems someone from the Job centre has spoke out. It is yet again a perfect example of the vulnerable, those living below the poverty line already, being targeted again, all to meet targets. This is a discrace in this day and age, this country, words fail me.

I applied for a position in a phone shop yesterday. It was on the site, but had to go to their own web page. It was customer service/retail. It sounded ok. It took ages to fill in the online application and they didn't want cv's attaching, but asked lots about your right to work, gender, religion and age etc. I got two identical emails last night, basicaly saying I had been unsuccessful, I was glad of a response, but what did they make the decision based on?? Obviously, not your ability to do the job.

Friday, 1 April 2011

I have got a job.. April Fool

I was just browsing a few job sites and come accross a cleaning job in the Police Station. Blummin heck, they require you have a Hepatitis Injection,  need a full History investgation. Well this is the actual vacancy.
Required for cleaning cell areas for the Police Headquarters. Will be using a viracdal cleaner and kivac machine to clean walls, floors, beds and toilet areas. Colour coded systems are in place. In depth training will be given.The successful applicant will need to have hepatitis 'b' injections, also need to be fully vetted for this police. site. For security vetting purposes applicants who have CCJ's or any convictions will not be considered for this role. Uniform provided. Applicants can also ring ------

Be using a what what ???? to do what ???  

I have put this on as when I first went to the agency  (help you back to work agency) I was told "Basically if we find you a cleaning job you will be required to take it or risk losing your benefits" Let me tell you they are not giving jobs out freely, and as for  lose my benefit, what the whole £65.45 what will I do, I doubt I could be more broke than I am. Anyway it seems you go through the same process to get in the actual force - ha.
At least it was a bit better than NMW that may be something to do with it being a health risk. Some of the people you may come into contact with, and not necessarily the one's who have used the cells.

Anyway I have applied for a cusomer service/retail  vacancy this morning,  two bar jobs and a support role.
I will update my blog if I hear anything.   

I never got my response back from Primark. They had vacancies in the window. I applied on line as was told to when I went in to inquire. When I didn't hear back after the closing date I went back in to ask if it was normal not to recieve even an automated response, and was told she hadn't had time to look at the responses. I had applied  a month before. I then asked "well why have you put even more vacancies in your window then ??? "  She said they shouldn't be there. oh...

As I was looking at other peoples experiences and how they try to overcome them I found this one. It is a few years old but sums it up for people who have paid in all their life and fail to find employment when made redundant.

I better go and get ready for the JC to sign on, the highlight of my fortnight.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

I had a strange call. Is it a trap???

I was in town this morning at the place I volunteer when my phone rang. It was the JC. "Hello it is bla bla bla calling to check that you are coming in tomorrow at 12.40 to sign"??? I thought this was really strange, as I have been on jobseekers for 15 months now and my appointment  is the same time every two weeks. I have never been contacted about this.  By the way they allow you just 10 mins leeway. If you are late it causes problems for you, yet you can be sat waiting for them for ages, they must think you have nothing better to do, seeing as though you are unemployed, but sit watching them chatting in their lovely job. Why? Why ring me to ask this? Maybe it is just the good customer service they offer? not.  Maybe they have read my blog ha.
I think it maybe something to do with the feedback from my complaint, as I complained about the agency which I was refered to, I asked some questions about why they do not deliver the service that they are supposed to ??? The very reason you are sent there. They are so stretched themselves that they can not  deliver the very services that they offer. I think I will be given lots of statistics.
I guess I had better fill out my Diary, (A log of all the jobs I apply for) for the JC tomorrow. I have to have everything recorded in the same place. It is just a matter of me gathering all of the jobs I have applied for in the past two weeks, they put the evidence on the system, you have to show you have taken at least 6 steps to find employment. Mmmm I don't think they would find it amusing if I said " I have actually taken thousands of steps to get here today, and I have worn out my shoes"

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Training and courses.

I am part way through some training in diagnostic interviewing, it is ok as in theory they are skills you can take anywhere. I have been a volunteer for the past two years in an independent advice centre in the voluntary sector. They give out free welfare rights advice on benefits, tax credits etc and offer help, support, guidance and representation at Tribunal.  I have done lots of training and courses through them. They have given me loads of opportunities to really widen my knowledge and views. I have shadowed the staff and other volunteers together with the training and now use those skills and information and am an adviser there. The Centre has just had a major cut from the council, in fact it was one of their core funders which of course has had a major inpact on them. This is a time when these Centres are needed more than ever as more and more people lose there jobs or have hours cut and struggle to find anywhere to go for help. Ironicly this Council has cut back on staff so it is the very people who they have made redundant who are now seeking advice.  With many never having faced unemployment, it is so alien to them as they become so confused about the options available to them.
These services need protecting and it seems until people are affected directly they do not seem to care. But as we all know everyone will be affected some way or some how by the drastic cuts that are threatening our services which people rely on every day. And cuts mean job losses which will never amount to anything good only a larger unemployment queue.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Poverty Pimp and a BIG FAT SORRY due to blah blah blah.

I have just looked at my emails as I do every day, especially as I apply for lots of positions on line.  I had applied for one of many Administration Assistant jobs and was told,

We have now completed screening process and it is with regret that I write to inform you on this occasion your application has been unsuccessful.
Unfortunately due to the high volume of applicants we are unable to provide individual feedback.

I would like to thank you for your interest in the Company and wish you success in your search for employment.
" Thank you for your application.
                      Yours sincerely "

Well at least I got a reply .

Poverty Pimp.
I had a call from my JC adviser this afternoon and it turns out that the complaint I had made about the agency I was sent to was looked into. The staff are so stretched there, that they can not give you the time and support you may need and can not deliver what they are there to do. My adviser was sent a load of statistics about how these people were doing such a good job, the service users felt more positive after leaving and more confident about gaining employment. They are, what they call, job ready. This must be after being with them for the full 12 months and still found no jobs. Well after all the help they get and support and re writing of cv's and non placements  and job searches and begging to be taken on for no wage for large companies and how to look for jobs.  And whats this ???? you still havent found a job ?????. You are then sent to another agency. These agencies get money for each job seeker on their books.  More than most will ever pay NI in that time due to the lack of jobs out there. I think the term poverty pimp comes to mind. I had to look the term up. Here's what I found and sums it up
Poverty pimp or "professional poverty pimp" is a pejorative label used to convey that an individual or group is benefiting unduly by acting as an intermediary on behalf of the poor, the disadvantaged, or some other "victimized" groups.
Those who use this appellation suggest that those so labeled profit unduly from the misfortune of others, and therefore do not really wish the societal problems that they appear to work on to be eliminated permanently, as it is not in their own interest for this to happen.

 What pees me off is the fact that when you get sent to these places the JC never asks or gets  feed back as to what is happening with you or to you. Who gives a ....???  and these places get money to do, it seems, not a lot in helping you to gain  employment. In fact I would love a job with one of these places and would make sure I gave each and every person the dignity and respect, help support and guidance with what may be one of the most difficult times in their life. First and foremost being realistic.
Good Night x

Monday, 28 March 2011

Is there anybody out there????

I got a phone call today from Radio Sheffield. They had seen a link on Face Book and wanted to speak to me about my job search and blog. So I have agreed to have a chat in the morning about this. If it helps to rid the views and myths that unemployed people are lazy scroungers living the life of Riley then it will be good.
I remember someone said to me "People are potentially one wage slip away from the back of the dole queue". Only now it is not likely you will walk into another job is it?   People are out there day after day looking for work, going on training courses and volunteering. They are not sat at home watching day time tv going on holidays and driving posh cars. More like they can not have the heating on or can't buy decent food or afford a tv never mind a licence. They can not afford the bus fare or tavel costs looking for work. People are punished for being unemployed. In the past if you had no Education there was at least some jobs available to you. Now people with  a very good Education can not find work. All of the factories in my town have gone. Glass works, Steel, Pits, Chemicals, Tube works and Lots of pubs and independent firms have closed  to name just a few.  So finding work is just not that easy. Yet I have to provide the evidence of at least 11 jobs I have applied for every 2 weeks between the JC and the agency I was sent to. The JC requires 6 and the agency 5 others. Evidence being what job, where I saw it, who I spoke to what they said and what was the outcome. You are lucky if you even get a reply.

Job hunt

Just returned from town. I had a wander round the shops to see if there has been any updates in the windows. I went to ask in the one of the council buildings.   It is a place where they have properties and people go in and bid. I applied online as they had a vacancy. I was told that the job had gone.
I then went to ask in the Portland Hotel for bar work or any work.  The young lad said they had just taken someone on but if I go online I may apply for future vacancies. I carry a cv with me always but most employers will not except them now as they want to ask you questions that they want the answers to - not you tell them what you want them to know.

What the Law says

I have wondered for a while now about the amount the Law says you need to live on. For a person over 25 with no illnesses it is £65.45 a week.Whether you live at home with your parents as a non dependent or in a house/flat on your own it would be interesting to know how they came up with this figure. Well this winter has been terrible - the Gas and Electricity have been a killer. I am on key and card meters and have to pay up front. The Gas was £30 a week and Electricity £15. And remember I am not in most days so did not sit with the heating on and my kids are out at college and school. I thought there was a gas leak as we were only having the gas on for about 5 hours. I have two dependents so get Child Tax credits for them. I do worry when they leave Education as it is so difficult now and just can not bear to think that I will not be in paid employment by then. Although I have officially been a Job seeker for just over a year. The last time I had any paid work was longer than that..
I am going to write to my MP and see if I can find out about what the Law says I can live on. A loaf of bread is over a quid.
Any way talking of gas, my boiler is leaking so I am expecting the fitter to come out this morning between 8 and 12, we'll see.This is the fourth visit and they have had to change so many bits on it and now I have found where the water is leaking from and put a marker on so I can show them. Maybe get a job as an apprentice ha ha.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

March for the Alternative 26//03/11

I have just come back from london, having taken part in the march. It was a very peaceful demo and was refreshing to see our local MP came along, in fact he was on our bus. There was a good mix of people including families with very young children. My son came with me and found it funny that lots of Teachers from his school was there in support. Even the very younger Generations are well aware of what is happening as it is affecting them daily in one way or another. It seems that since we left there this afternoon there  has been lots of trouble and damage caused to major firms. Top shop, Vodaphone, The Ritz and more. You see these are Tax avoiders and it makes people angry that they are allowed to get away with it. While people are loosing Jobs and services due to the cuts. The Goverment could pull back Money from other sources. As it was not the the average person who created this mess yet they are the ones paying for it good style.


Ed Milliband made a speech to the protesters in Hyde Park. He was brave to come if you ask me , but then again he is the opposition of the Con-Dems.

Star Wars. This was my favourite banner.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Return Call re Shaw Trust

I was given a phone number from my Job Centre Adviser which I rang 4 times and eventually left a message.
I got a call back yesterday. It is for 16 hours a week  up to 18 weeks at National Minimum Wage. They have some funding available and they have to encourage a potential Employer to take you on. I was told it is called Work Experience.
Anyway he told me someone will contact me next week to arrange an appointment to discuss in more detail.
The funding and terms sound similar to those for the FJF, Future Job Fund. A Fund set up by the previous Goverment, Jobs in the Public sector. A bit of a joke now as the public sector is having loads of cuts.
I had an Interview for one of these opportunities a few weeks ago which had gone through the Job Centre only to be told that on the day of the Interview the funding had ran out. I guess the interview was experience though.

I have just come in from another training day in effective communication skills. It was quite useful as this can then lead to an accredited course in the open college network. It does help to keep your CV up to date.

I am at the back to work agency tomorrow.  I have been there 3 months. I was referred to one by the Job Centre after I had officially been a Job Seeker for a year. I was then told it was a mistake. They then sent me to another one who then put me in touch with a sub contracted firm. I was given information on what they could do with me or help me with eg one to one time and support for planning next steps, Job and skills matching, help with CV, available courses and opportunities. I have received no help or information at all!!!! I am just a pawn in this game where someone gets money for me being on their books. The agency staff are quite honest and have revealed that they have too many people on their books and can not afford the time and support for individuals so find they can not meet their own targets. I was told they can not in fact do a deal at all for me. I have spoken to a few others who are due to leave as they have been with them for 12 months. They have said they have done nothing other than sit on a pc looking at Job sites. I have complained about this to JC adviser. She has put this in writing and will inform me of outcome. She says that they do not request feed back from service users and people are so worried about loosing their Benefits that they shut up and put up, jumping through as many hoops as they are required to do. I guess I better make sure I have all the information with me. Evidence of all the Jobs I have applied for in the past two weeks. Names, Companies, Phone numbers and outcomes etc.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Jobless. TV programme

I watched part of a TV programme last night about families who have recently lost their Jobs.
It was different to the the ones usually shown on prime time and this one was on late. After all who wants to know about  this???
It did highlight some of the difficulties families face adjusting to unemployment and the lack of vacancies available.
eg claiming Benefits and the amount of time it takes for them to get processed only to find that the amount allowed comes nowhere close to being able to manage everyday living costs.The  Law says a single person NEEDS £ 65.45 per week TO LIVE ON. I would like to know where they get this amount from.
Some of the people felt angry to the fact they have paid into this system and yet get little in return when facing difficult times. Things that people may just take for granted in everyday life such as  a Car, Shopping ( food ) School meals, Public transport,  heating and electricity Suddenly become a main focus as you are forced to make really difficult decisions as to which ones to cut back on.
I hope that If nothing else it may go towards changing peoples views on what they think about people out of work and on Benefits. Some think it is a lifestyle choice. Thought by those with well paid Jobs usually. If they are unfortunate to lose their Job and have to experience it  for real then would soon realise the word choice has gone altogether .Life style, well you don't have any life, just an existence.
Anyway I have just returned home. I am part way through a Training course and I am hoping all of this Training and Courses will help with my CV. If nothing else then I can at least keep myself active and take up any opportunities to gain Skills and experience in as many varied roles as possible.
Hoping that a Job is just around the corner.

Saturday, 19 March 2011 site

Looking on the Job site tonight.  There is not a lot of new vacancies on there.
The ones I have applied for in the last few days have not yet sent an automated response.
It seems that most of the Jobs are usually placed by an external agency .( I say this as it is not always possible to post your CV as an attachment and the Job advertised is in the name of another firm ). The receiver blocks them. It must be after they receive a certain amount.

It is a bit difficult as the Employer only usually gives one way to Apply. Email

They don't usually give an alternative.

Also I have recently applied for Jobs in our local paper.
One requested own hand written letter, others gave a phone number or you could  request an applicatiuon.

  • Sent off  my letter for one.....Admin in an Office. No response yet
  • Sent off for application for another ......For a  housing authority.   No application has arrived.
  • After I rang yet another, I am told the position has been filled.......Hire Shop  .This makes me wonder as it has only just been advertised.
Well we will have a look tomorrow

Follow up of Job

Applied for a Job two weeks ago, I saw it in a window in  Town. When I went in  the lady took some details.
She asked for a CV which I took in the next morning as the Manager would be in.
The Manager  told me the Job would not just be at the back of a till and that there was a lot of work involved.

I told her I don't mind hard work . Only to be told that in fact she had taken two people on and that I should come back past the shop in 2 weeks and if the Jobs are still in the window it's because the people she took on are not suitable. Any way been in today asked about the Jobs and she says she has people in on a trial.
I mentioned this place to my adviser yesterday and it turns out there is always some Job advertised.
It is just a small shop and only about two staff.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Job Seeking

Been to Job Centre today 12.40 to sign.  Had to provide 6 jobs I'd applied for.Was a message with my details as I had complained about the back to work agency that I was refered to, as I go every 2 weeks and just sit at the pc for 2 1/2 hour looking at Job sites..Do not deliver service that was told I would get. So had to have dicussion with adviser about this(upstairs)

Was telephoned by adviser re possible job, up to 20 weeks .Gave me some hope.
Rang number no answer .  Tried 4 times I left a message.

Welcome to my Diary of a Jobseeker

Hello I am 36 and currently Unemployed. I am doing this Blog to share my experiences and feelings, both positive and negative in my quest to gain full time employment.  In the past I have had many jobs in factories, pubs, shops and with cleaning agencies.  I have two children, one at college and working part- time and one at school with a paper round.  I have always done voluntary work in schools and for community organisations.  I left school at 14 when my parents split up and started work in a factory when I was 15. I had no formal qualifications but have since taken up training opportunities that have been accessible to me.  The jobs I have had have not been very rewarding but up until recent times were more easy to find.  Now even rubbish jobs are scarce in this area.  I become very upset when people look down on those who are unemployed and dismiss lightly the problems that we face.  I hope my blog will shed light on the difficulties and the issues that unemployed workers face in 21st Century Britain.  People who have never had to deal with the employment services and their outsourced off shoots do not understand what we have to go through.  I hope my blog will help to give an insight