Monday, 23 January 2012

Update of my interview

Well I received a call re a job I'd applied for. It was my dream job, advising, helping and supporting people.

I was so excited, as although I had applied, didn't really expect to hear as it's quite normal not to even get any response. Anyway I went for the interview and it seemed to go ok ish. There was loads of questions, such as fact and situation based. ( Explain things in volume and complexity of certain situations and of your experience).

At the end I was told I would hear one way or the other today, Ideally.

I didn't hear that day or the next, so assumed it to be a no..

It did make me start wondering though, what had they thought?? how had I come across??
I need some feed back for next time.

I decide to find out if possible. Anyway this morning I got a letter, " Although we really enjoyed meeting you, unfortunately on this ocassion we were unable to offer the posiition for which you applied. Thank you for your interest in working for us and all the best for the future. If you decide you would like some feedback then please contact us on ...."

I am in the process of doing this.

I have applied for a few new local jobs, due to an expansion of a company in town, and another not far from me. It is a while since any have come up locally.
So fingers crossed.
I am due to see my advisor again soon to see how things are going. I don't know about anything else, but this month has bloomin flown.

Monday, 9 January 2012

2.4 million kids in poverty.

I was watching something on the TV tonight, 4 thought TV,  2.4 million kids in poverty. One was talking about how his mum's benefit was going to be cut and how he worried she would be unable to pay the bills. He was also worried he may be taken away from her.  It's a sad thing to hear, but it is so real and needs to be put out there for people to know. When you talk about poverty to some people, they think it is far away countries with kids and pot bellies with empty bowls in their hands. They do not understand the people in this country where every day is a stuggle to put food on the table, or gas in the meter.
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Well Christmas came and went. It was ok.  I didn't get paid and they were shut which in not surprising.
It was due to an administation error on the 16th Dec, yet took them almost two weeks to become aware of it.

Anyway it's been a while since I was last on here and it reminds me just how rubbish my search for a job has been so far. I do not feel closer to paid employment, I feel a million miles away from it.

I honestly thought I would have something by now, ok maybe I have took off my rosey glasses now, and I would be made up if I got a dream job, but  facing the cold truth is horrible.

My kids both leave education this year and the urgency to get paid work is greater now than ever, as when they leave education my child tax credit and child benefit will stop.

My kids will not all of a sudden not eat or need heat etc. It will be a massive cut to my income, and nothing realistic to replace it yet, so I really do not know.

I have been waiting on a few replies from vacancies which I filled in  applications for. I sent off my cv and then they sent me the forms - one is quite local so fingers crossed.

I will update if I hear anything.