Monday, 12 August 2013

........YAY I Have a JOB........

Well I thought I had better just update my blog.

My first post I was actually 36 years old and I have just had my 39th birthday..

I had realised that my job searching and experiences on here had  become the same for anyone reading them as for me.. Not fruitful or differentiating very often..

Well I know that people do read this blog as I can see from the statistics..And I thank you for your comments and support along the way.

I am in employment, doing what I love the most.. Helping and advising people.  I have a contract for two years and as long as I be a good girl... ( I will ) and can get there on time :) then yes, two years. And who knows after that. There is a chance it may continue but the organisation I am working for relies on funding, so.... Yeah all is good at the minute.

Anyway. I have been employed there just over a month and it is going well. I get paid this week and it does feel good.
Don't get me wrong I am not under no illusion that the job market has improved , as it has not..And more and more I talk to people who are losing their jobs and sometimes for the first time having to seek help from the Government.. They are realising how hard this is-as not only they can not believe the lack of help but the stigma attached to it too. The judging and the shame people make you feel for this.

So yeah, I had a call today from a radio station about a letter I wrote to the chancellor asking him what he expected people to cut back on when he was saying things about we all need to make cuts. They have asked will I give my opinion tomorrow... Errr yes of course I will.

I had asked the chancellor did he think we should cut back on heating electricity food etc. As that is all some people pay for.. I never got a reply although there was some media coverage..

Anyway I am off to bed..

Justine x