Friday, 21 October 2011

Not on the Work Programme

Well its good news as far as my appointment at the JC last Friday.

I was told I am not to be considered for the Work Programme for at least 9 month.

I am to get support from the JC instead.  I have gone a full circle now. As when I first went on Job Seekers I had to see an advisor at the JC for a  year, and then I was refered to and agency, and  when it ended,  back to the Job Centre.

Its all nonsense stuff anyway-The Work Programme, and private companies (being paid to baby sit people) Now some people may think I sould be out cleaning streets for free, as was once mentioned by a local MP. Ok but what about the people who get paid to clean streets? it will take away their job.  Its like that with a part of the work programme, you do unpaid labour, but as I always say, who will pay someone when they are being sent people for free?

I do not know the answers to alot of this stuff but I do know that realistic jobs and opportunities are what people need, and help financially.  It is already stressfull being out of work and with the added pressure of trying to manage daily. The forever increase in the cost of living is driving people further away as they then become so down they start to loose all hope.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Filling in my Signing book

Well it's almost 11pm and am wondering what the JC+ will have in store for me in the morning.

I usually sign at 12.40, but last time I was in I was given a letter to sign saying I would be in at 9 am and must attend other wise I may not get my £67.50.

Anyway I have been looking on line and at my emails at the jobs I have applied for in the past two weeks and have to then put them in my signing book.  I have applied for 13.  I know that may not sound like alot to some people but I go through patches. Some times I just apply for all sorts in all places and then other times I feel so peed off with it that it gets you so you just go through the motions of providing the Job Centre with the minimum 6 that they require (for you to be actively seeking work) and to get your payment.

Anyway I have been wondering why they want to see me in the morning as when I asked I was told it was just to see an advisor.  I wonder what the advice will be?????

I have not been too well for over a month and will not tell the JC or any pottential employers for the simple fact that I have not been able to find employment as a fit and active person with a forever growing cv, so no matter what employers say about equall opportunities and all that, it is a load off rubbish, as if they found out anyone had any kind of illness then you would never get a job over someone who hasn't.

Will update after the appointment tomorrow. xxx