Monday, 12 August 2013

........YAY I Have a JOB........

Well I thought I had better just update my blog.

My first post I was actually 36 years old and I have just had my 39th birthday..

I had realised that my job searching and experiences on here had  become the same for anyone reading them as for me.. Not fruitful or differentiating very often..

Well I know that people do read this blog as I can see from the statistics..And I thank you for your comments and support along the way.

I am in employment, doing what I love the most.. Helping and advising people.  I have a contract for two years and as long as I be a good girl... ( I will ) and can get there on time :) then yes, two years. And who knows after that. There is a chance it may continue but the organisation I am working for relies on funding, so.... Yeah all is good at the minute.

Anyway. I have been employed there just over a month and it is going well. I get paid this week and it does feel good.
Don't get me wrong I am not under no illusion that the job market has improved , as it has not..And more and more I talk to people who are losing their jobs and sometimes for the first time having to seek help from the Government.. They are realising how hard this is-as not only they can not believe the lack of help but the stigma attached to it too. The judging and the shame people make you feel for this.

So yeah, I had a call today from a radio station about a letter I wrote to the chancellor asking him what he expected people to cut back on when he was saying things about we all need to make cuts. They have asked will I give my opinion tomorrow... Errr yes of course I will.

I had asked the chancellor did he think we should cut back on heating electricity food etc. As that is all some people pay for.. I never got a reply although there was some media coverage..

Anyway I am off to bed..

Justine x

Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy New Year

Well we on well into January and it's blumming cold brrrrrrrrr

I was reminded today that there are people out there who look and also follow my Blog.

People who are out there just trying to get on in this world. Consumed with demands and sometimes ridiculous requests from people.

Well I got an email recently saying this company would be pleased to have me on their books. The job required you have Internet access, phone and pc skills. Oooo I thought that the ECDL extra advanced pc course had come in useful. After reading on, it seemed they they wanted me to confirm my name, address, and training etc. UM I thought.......

A few emails later it seemed they wanted my bank account details and access to it on a read only basis. So I could have money transferred into and moved on.

I did a bit of my own research and found the address given was to let and the man's name was well known shall we say on the Internet.

So anyway not much to say.

Justine x