Thursday, 26 July 2012

The so called Work Programme.

I went yesterday at 5 pm. It is a good way from me, I had a really busy day too.  Here, there, everywhere and back again.

Well I was lucky as my adviser is the exact same person who was my adviser at the other place I went to.
I know him personally and he gives me some inside info sometimes, such as targets and case loads etc. He understood when I said I was not signing the release paper, the one which allows them to contact others and receive payment for me being on their programme. They get enough anyway. Without inventing things.

He assured me it will not have a negative impact on me. As the release form is proving quite a useful piece of paper.   It could be confusing I guess if you are not aware of all this, as they do bombard you with info and papers, about data protection and stuff, but then on the other hand by giving permission to them, it all goes out of the window.

He knows about the campaigning and volunteer role I do, and is really good to have a chat to him.

Anyway it was short and sweet. No looking at screens, and that nonsense.

So, It may change next time I go, but until then all's well.

No news on the job front, I have asked for feedback from the last one, but heard nothing.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The work programme ( people on it are not classed as unemployed )

 I have come across this today. It says that people on the work programme are not counted as being unemployed. See link

It's official, I am on the work programme. I am to expect a call within 48 hours from the company who is       " Going to help me overcome barriers and aim to find me sustainable work"

I also found out today that for the last 6 month I was supposed to have had intense support from the job centre with two people. They said sorry but for some reason I was over looked.  I have had a call from a local news paper today about all of this job seeking and stuff and I told her that although these things need highlighting I am fed up with people making on the back of this crap. ie her for her story, these agencies who are getting paid to so call help me, etc. This is my life, this is real and this is happening all over the place.

Oh also, I found out today that these companies who have got big Government contracts (work programme) have access to available jobs that never get released to the bloody JOB CENTRE, so is that another reason people are struggling to find any then???

It is f-----g ridiculous.

The letter I was talking about the other day, the one from an independent research company, with DWP on top, getting feedback about help I have received whilst looking for work. Well it said I would get a call.  I am still waiting, so I rang them as I have loads of feedback.
I was told it has not started yet, and I would be contacted in due course. As I was telling her I would like that, she apologised and said she had another call coming through, so put the phone down. Can you believe it.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I am reallly gutted.

Well I was hoping that this would have been the time I could post on here with some good news that I have at long last got the job.

I found out this morning that I had not.

Now although you somehow get used to this, this one seemed to go really well, and then the second interview, I even had my hair done. HA.

Well I guess it  was  just not meant to be.  I have to think like that other wise I will just get so down with the whole thing.  This is not an option.  As I have to keep searching and improving my skills and knowledge and hope that it will happen.  It is not through not looking hard enough or putting the effort in to each application, so then I think well what then??? That leaves me.  But deep down I know I will give my soul to get paid work as that is my goal, I know I have loads of skills and am really good with people. I go out of my way to solve problems but can not sort this for now.  Who knows I may start my own "looking for jobs company" ha. My Daughter said to me today "Mum it seems to be your job to look for jobs"  she is not wrong. 

Everyone around me has been really aware of my efforts to find work, and each time it gets to a stage of reply, interview or what ever, they see what affect this has.  I am not mardy or unrealistic but did think that I would be in work by now.

So I am at the job centre on Thursday to be put on the work programme. That will be nice, not.
 Oh I found this today for looking at unemployment.

Justine x

Friday, 13 July 2012

Letter from DWP

I have had a strange letter. It is from an independent company on behalf of the DWP saying someone will contact me soon to ask me some questions on the HELP I HAVE RECEIVED whilst looking for a job.
What???  It says it is confidential and that other than themselves and the DWP research team, will have access to it. It also says it is up to me if I tell them anything.

Well I will tell them that all these things they dream up just do not work.
Including people who send out such letters, unless they can make a difference, so will ask them what will the outcome be after hearing peoples experiences.
The money should be put into trying to create jobs, not pay people to tell me to look at a screen for hours and send me to large private companies for them to get free labour.

If you experience work then experience payment for it. As these companies have jobs that need doing and they are being done for no payment, as the very people doing them are sent here there and everywhere.

Oh I had another interview last Thursday. It went really well. They rang me back on Monday and asked me to go back for a second interview. I went yesterday.  So we will see.  It is a job I would like to do, and I would working with people who are facing redundancy or been made redundant. Helping them to access services and help.

Justine x