Thursday, 13 October 2011

Filling in my Signing book

Well it's almost 11pm and am wondering what the JC+ will have in store for me in the morning.

I usually sign at 12.40, but last time I was in I was given a letter to sign saying I would be in at 9 am and must attend other wise I may not get my £67.50.

Anyway I have been looking on line and at my emails at the jobs I have applied for in the past two weeks and have to then put them in my signing book.  I have applied for 13.  I know that may not sound like alot to some people but I go through patches. Some times I just apply for all sorts in all places and then other times I feel so peed off with it that it gets you so you just go through the motions of providing the Job Centre with the minimum 6 that they require (for you to be actively seeking work) and to get your payment.

Anyway I have been wondering why they want to see me in the morning as when I asked I was told it was just to see an advisor.  I wonder what the advice will be?????

I have not been too well for over a month and will not tell the JC or any pottential employers for the simple fact that I have not been able to find employment as a fit and active person with a forever growing cv, so no matter what employers say about equall opportunities and all that, it is a load off rubbish, as if they found out anyone had any kind of illness then you would never get a job over someone who hasn't.

Will update after the appointment tomorrow. xxx

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  1. cover your back bury them in paperwork. i take all the evidence emails i sent. job details. everything i apply.for jobs i havent got a chance of getting. just to keep the jc off my back