Sunday, 11 December 2011

29 jobs in 21 days

I read a comment from someone who posted on my Blog.
They applied for a wide range of jobs, just like I do, they applied for 29 in 21 days.

Although it is good to share experiences, it is almost impossible to find anything anymore.

Yes there are thousands advertised on line but do they really exist??? They are all advertised on behalf of some other employer.  

Where I live there is very little and I have applied to every supermarket, pub, almost every shop in my area.
Then there are Charities, offices and the like. It is getting harder as more people are loosing their jobs.

So then I do a wider search.  A few more Jobs come up but if you get any response you have to then get there.  I did get a call from one this week it was 2pm and they wanted to see me at 4pm 16 miles away.  I was happy that they rang me. It sounded great, a charity fundraiser. It is comission only and you walk round peoples houses knocking on doors at night trying to get people to give you money for charities.  Well, I couldn't get there at 4pm it was a group interview so asked if there was any othere time I could be seen.  I have heard nothing.  Also there is no help toward travel from the DWP they stopped that. They think you should be able to pay for it with your £67.50, as well as gas, electric water rates and food.  Don't even get me talking about The Gas- it is criminal and should be stopped. How can it be right for them to charge what they do for heat for goodness sake???
Pensioners get a winter fuel payment of £200 to help towards the fuel, and every time it drops to a certain temperature get  another  payment, they get free travel, and a single pensioner gets more than double a week than what a couple under 60 year old  gets.  Now do the government not think that we to feel cold as we have the same costs, and we have to pay for travel or walk. And do not forget they want us to be pounding the streets and travelling looking for work. They should be fair and it should make sense but it never will.

Justine x


  1. We apply for everything, yet according to some we arent doing enough.. It makes you wonder what do they really want you to do apply for jobs you know you wont get. just to inflate the application numbers (am at a training scheme they are contracted for 3 a week but they want you to apply for 5, next month it will be 7, then 10.).

    They state 10,000 jobs every week on the job centre rubbish, first there is the location, certain areas are hiring others arent. so unless you move you are stuck. Then there is transport isssues, people who dont drive dont understand how hard getting to some places are, I can get to liverpool (13 miles away) easier than some places in where i live (3 miles away.

    then you get the zero hour jobs, jobs that last 1 week. Then next year they are bringing in the work placement 8 weeks at who knows where.

    i think all these anti unemployed should spend 3 months unemployed so they can experience what it is like.

  2. Body Language for Job Interviews
    The Typical Body Language
    1. An equal handshake. Your handshake should be strong and confident. If you can match the interviewer's grip it avoids any dominant/submissive vibes.
    2. Relax and be at ease. The way you sit conveys a lot of subtle information to the people on the other side of the desk. So sit straight and take a moment to be comfortable. If you look relaxed, it'll encourage your interviewer/s to feel at ease in your company.
    3. Maintain eye contact. Keep it true and steady, but remember to blink. Make sure that your gaze doesn't drop below eye level. Don't keep turning your attention to the floor or the ceiling. It might be a blank canvas for your thoughts, but it appears as if you're evading a question.
    4. Steer your body. If you are wearing a short skirt then crossing your legs is fine, but the best position is to 'point' at the interviewer with your knees or your feet. This shows that you're focused right in on them. 5. Use your hands. Be physically expressive when you speak and use your hands to roll out your answers or give shape to your ideas. This is also a good way to control nervousness.
    6. Be open. Folding your arms across your chest conveys a nervous, negative and even aggressive attitude. Therefore be open in both body and mind. Your actions speak volumes as to what is going on in your mind. The way you sit, stand, move around all show as to whether you are nervous, confused, scared or confident. Look at the following chart below and find out more about your body language.
    Walking tall, erect and briskly = Confidence
    Standing with hands on hips = Readiness, aggression
    Walking with hands in pockets, shoulders hunched = Dejection
    Hands clasped behind back = Anger, frustration,apprehension
    Sitting with legs crossed, foot kicking slightly = Boredom
    Sitting with arms crossed on chest = Defensiveness
    Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossed = Confidence, superiority
    Biting nails = Nervousness Touching, slightly rubbing nose = Rejection, doubt,
    lying Stroking chin = Trying to make a decision Pulling or tugging at ear = Indecision
    Patting/fondling hair = Lack of self confidence, insecurity
    Rubbing hands = Anticipation
    Pinching bridge of nose, eyes closed = Negative evaluation
    Tilted head = Interest
    Open palm = Sincerity, openness, innocence
    Tapping or drumming fingers = Impatience

    1. One of the things that you forget is that most unemployed people are lacking confidence, unless they've only been recently unemployed. Confidence is based on experience. You can't switch it on like a light bulb.

      Also, because employers are suspicious of unemployed people, they tend to give them a harder time at interviews - assuming they even offer an interview in the first place.

  3. Catalyst.. That is assuming you get an interview. But when employers hear in the press that all of the unemployed are scroungers or lazy.. this is a point against them. But hasnt all the interviewers read the same thing and they will know you are doing that.

    Walking tall, erect and briskly = Confidence, I limp in constant pain so that one is not right,

    Walking with hands in pockets, shoulders hunched = Dejection.. Its a cold day pockets are warmer.

    Sitting with legs crossed, foot kicking slightly = Boredom back to the bad ankles sometimes a nerve gets trapped so pain and agony and foot shakes.

    Stroking chin = Trying to make a decision Pulling or tugging at ear = Indecision i have a beard and sometimes it itches.. so forget that one.

    Pinching bridge of nose, eyes closed = Negative evaluation i wear glasses sometimes it aches when i wear them.