Saturday, 28 April 2012

Climbing out of Poverty.

Well I have not posted for a while and the whole Blog pages have changed.

I notice I have a few new followers so thank you.   :)

The job hunting is not going well at all. It is not an option for me to think oh well I give up, as then what??
I went to the JC yesterday and was told I am to have yet another adviser to help me find work.

I am doing everything to look for work and improve my skills, by doing courses to improve my chances so I can apply for a wide range of vacancies. It is very draining mentally as you become somewhat desperate and can lose hope. It is a vicious circle, as you need to be strong, positive and hopeful when looking for work, but after so long of doing so you start to feel less hopeful and disheartened and then this may come across to potential employers, which is not good.

The unemployed workers centre where I volunteer have produced a game about climbing out of poverty. It is based on the old childhood board game Snakes and Ladders. It highlights the difficulties faced in trying to gain long term employment with fair wages. It shows just how hard it can be with barriers along the way. I will post a link for when it was first used in Derbyshire, with local MP's playing.


  1. I know what you mean Justine. Having the right attitude is so important yet so difficult to achieve and then maintain. Ironically, the DWP seems to think it is helping people to feel better about their job chances yet most people's overall experience suggests the opposite. I wish the DWP and it's private providers would understand that being friendly and courteous, providing help but keeping at arms length would reduce the stress of being on benefits. What has been your experience of the courses you've been on? Have they been any good?

  2. Hi Justine,I am currently researching a possible film for Channel 4 looking at the process of trying to find a job and negotiate the benefits system, in the current economic climate.
    It would be good to speak to you about your experience. My email is and phone 02074283182.

    1. If it's as biased as that awful Jobmother programme then I'd advise anyone you contact to steer well clear. It's not for me to speak for the owner of this blog, but the unemployed don't need journalists picking on them; you lot seem to think we're 'good sport'.

    2. I totally disagree with Ghost Whisteler. We need a lot more unemployed to speak out about their experiences.

      We've been ignored for years. And the media interest won't last forever. So if you have a story then tell it.

      I'm unemployed, and my A4e story has appeared in a national sunday, and two other publications. But at the risk of being accused of spamming - I won't name the publications.

      And I have no regrets whatsoever about doing it!

    3. I have experience of being interviewed by the media, not because of unemployment issues, but because of my participation in Amazon's websites. That's a far more trivial matter, but even though I had long been aware of how the media can twist things round, it was still a revelation to see how much they can twist things even for trivial matters. I am very wary of doing much on this issue, but I'll prepare an unemployment FAQ for the journalist and also add it to my "Politics of unemployment" blog.

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