Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy New Year

Well we on well into January and it's blumming cold brrrrrrrrr

I was reminded today that there are people out there who look and also follow my Blog.

People who are out there just trying to get on in this world. Consumed with demands and sometimes ridiculous requests from people.

Well I got an email recently saying this company would be pleased to have me on their books. The job required you have Internet access, phone and pc skills. Oooo I thought that the ECDL extra advanced pc course had come in useful. After reading on, it seemed they they wanted me to confirm my name, address, and training etc. UM I thought.......

A few emails later it seemed they wanted my bank account details and access to it on a read only basis. So I could have money transferred into and moved on.

I did a bit of my own research and found the address given was to let and the man's name was well known shall we say on the Internet.

So anyway not much to say.

Justine x


  1. dont tell the work programme provider, or you could be sanctioned for refusing a job.. i doubt they would but wouldnt put it past them. If it is money laundering, then its an immediate 7 year prison sentence, and ignorance is no excuse. A4e once told me to apply for a job like that. luckily i knew someone in the law who had a connection to the serious fraud office and it was passed on to them ;) turned out it was teh russian mafia. Wb hun missed your blog. hope everything is going ok.

  2. Yes it does seem that this type of job, shall we say is really common. I did actually forward a copy of the emails to my advisor from the work programme and he was ok. He could see by my response that I was trying to follow it up. I understand what you mean though. Also there are people who take these roles due to being desperate for a job, and find they can not transfere the money quickly enough to the third party and therefore end up owing money to the company and then incur a charge. And then they up up not getting paid as well as owing money out. And because the company have acces to your bank account it is just a vicious circle. Anyway thanks for the WB but I have just not had much to say, beleive me this is uncommon. Justine x

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