Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Med 3, ill health , employment and what it means to be off sick

I have become unwell with stress and  the demands at work, and changes there have had a detrimental impact on my health. I am off work and feel worse than ever.
The struggle and endless worry has added to the already fragile situation.

Rent, council tax, gas, electricity, food, phone etc.

I was unable to pay my rent due to the reduction in pay. Sick Pay is £92.05 per week.
This left me facing eviction.

If only there was a way to get things in motion when someone becomes ill.
This is a blog about unemployment and jobseeking, and the difficulties surrounding it.

Employment is not always the answer out of poverty, as it brings more responsibility and greater pressures

I thought I’d add a little to this blog about employment and sickness too.

I can’t stretch the sick pay far enough. I can’t deal with going to the council and endless forms, can’t tell service provider  why I can’t pay this month, other than because I have no money.

So I close my eyes instead and hope it goes away. My Gp has at least been good.
Constant letters from my employer, demanding meetings with a few days notice, always adding I face disciplinary action if I don’t attend. Demands about bills, knocks at the door.

I have an illness what affects my mental health at the minute, and that makes it more difficult to explain to anyone.

Guilt is another pressure, my absence has caused people I work with issues-I have been told.
My reasons for being off are questioned by my employer,  despite my Doctor providing a certificate.

I hadn’t ever imagined that becoming ill would create such a huge impact on my life, yet it has.
I don’t know where to turn.

What makes it worse, is that my job involves helping people in similar situations, yet there is no advice service I can access myself.

There is little or no help out there for people.
I feel alone and vulnerable.
In work there is some sort of stability, yet sickness when least able to cope is when people need help.

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