Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I am taking this opportunity to catch up with my Blogg as it has been a while.

Well the kids are off school and college so it is slightly different, it is amazing how much food and stuff they get through.

I am still very active in searching for work and feel constantly anxious that my son will leave education in one year and then it will be really difficult as my daughter will be leaving college at the same time.

My Child benefit will end so will the Child Tax Credit. I just hope to be earning a wage as I do not know what will happen.

Well as far as job searching it has been a bit more difficult as when I am online I can apply and look at lots of different things.
But instead I have to go to the library or try to use a pc when I am at my volunteer place.

I had an interview recently, I felt really good about it and had a good feeling, but nothing. Also, someone left the details of another position with a local agency, which I filled in, it took over an hour which is about the same time it takes to fill most in. I have sent it off although it did not say on the job description you needed a car and a full licence but it did say it on the bottom of one of the sheets.  I sent it off anyway.

I have seen an english and maths course, and if you complete it they will send off for your provisional licence.
So I am doing that as it is nice to think that one day I may earn money and have lessons. It is a massive regret I have, never learning to drive.

Anyway the back to work agency I was refered to is coming to an end.  I have two more sessions to attend and then guess what? -  I am refered back to the job centre and they send me to another.  It really is a load of rubbish.  The have so many people squashed into one room. They are so stretched in there that they can not deliver the very service that they say they do.

I will leave it here for now and hope to be back on the net soon as I am in the process of having my phone put back on, thanks to a family member. I have actually felt really out of touch since it was cut off not to mention the kids. x

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