Friday, 30 September 2011

Surprise appointment ( at the Job Centre )

Well I went to sign on again today, and whilst waiting to be seen I was looking at the job points, the screens advertising the latest vacancies. There was not a deal of jobs on there, but I took a few print outs anyway.

My name was called and I sat down and was handed a letter saying in two weeks time I was to go to the Job centre at 9 am and not 12.40. The advisor asked me to sign another piece of paper saying that I had recieved this letter and when I asked what the appointment was she simply said it was to see an advisor.  I guess it will be a surprise.

I signed the paper as well as signed on to say I'd been actively seeking work and had to explain what sort of things I have been doing.

There is a hell of a lot of work experience vacancies and volunteer opportunities all over the Job Centre on leaflets, it is surprising how many places are taking on people for no payment.  Soon there will be no paid jobs as we will all be doing work for free, and being forced to for our pittance.

Well not much to say on the job front.  There is a new Toys 'R' us store apparently opening near me, I saw it advertised in the Job Centre so applied on line, and after not even getting an automated response decided to ask in the Job Centre if they knew anything about the jobs.  I was told that the job vacancies had been suspended due to the amount of applicants.

I did get a call about a tele sales vacancy I had applied for and they said they are setting up interviews.

I called into the job fair yesterday, there was lots of people giving out leaflets so I took a few. I will look through them and some have application forms.

Thats all for now x

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