Monday, 9 January 2012

2.4 million kids in poverty.

I was watching something on the TV tonight, 4 thought TV,  2.4 million kids in poverty. One was talking about how his mum's benefit was going to be cut and how he worried she would be unable to pay the bills. He was also worried he may be taken away from her.  It's a sad thing to hear, but it is so real and needs to be put out there for people to know. When you talk about poverty to some people, they think it is far away countries with kids and pot bellies with empty bowls in their hands. They do not understand the people in this country where every day is a stuggle to put food on the table, or gas in the meter.
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Well Christmas came and went. It was ok.  I didn't get paid and they were shut which in not surprising.
It was due to an administation error on the 16th Dec, yet took them almost two weeks to become aware of it.

Anyway it's been a while since I was last on here and it reminds me just how rubbish my search for a job has been so far. I do not feel closer to paid employment, I feel a million miles away from it.

I honestly thought I would have something by now, ok maybe I have took off my rosey glasses now, and I would be made up if I got a dream job, but  facing the cold truth is horrible.

My kids both leave education this year and the urgency to get paid work is greater now than ever, as when they leave education my child tax credit and child benefit will stop.

My kids will not all of a sudden not eat or need heat etc. It will be a massive cut to my income, and nothing realistic to replace it yet, so I really do not know.

I have been waiting on a few replies from vacancies which I filled in  applications for. I sent off my cv and then they sent me the forms - one is quite local so fingers crossed.

I will update if I hear anything.


  1. Crosses fingers and toes and everything else i can cross. I live in a what people class as a posh area, but only because mum and dad bought the house 37 years ago. We are just covering the bills. Mum is 76 and still works. I am job seeking. I dont think people realise what its like to be a true job seeker, they see all this on the tv about scroungers, and since we are unemployed we must be like them. I also think all these statistics about jobs are mostly down south, the north its grim up here and has been grim for years. Don't give up one day the perfect job will appear for you.

  2. Greetings Justine,
    I empathise with what you have written. We are living in a brutal world with a brutal economy. I have also witnessed the impact that the lack of job opportunities has on the mental health well being. I have witnessed my 23 year old son falling apart. Indeed, he has had to continue to live with me because he has been the victim of corruption in unfair workforce scenarios.
    I do so hope that your life turns around for the better, real soon. I hope you don't mind, but to give you an idea of my understanding of what it can be like, you may, if you so wish, read this link from my own blog,

    I do apologise if I seem 'self-promoting'. This is not my intention. My intention is to let you know you will have my utmost support and encouragement in your ongoing job search. Fingers crossed with your potential job. With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary

  3. Hello again.

    I never know what to believe when poverty statistics are quoted. There is real, genuine poverty out there however one defines it, but there is also what people call "relative poverty", which basically includes anybody who can't afford things that most people take for granted, but which are hardly essential. I didn't see the TV programme because I decided long ago that I could do without TV, but I imagine it showed people living in genuine poverty.

    But what was the 2.4 million based on? I suspect the figure is just as misleading as the unemployment statistics. I'd rather the government published genuine statistics that tell the truth, rather than trying to fiddle them to suit their own agenda. The poverty figure might be too low (because it would suit the politicians) or too high (if it includes people who can't afford iPods, but can afford the essentials). I really don't know what to believe, but I know that there IS a lot of genuine poverty out there).

    I am also sorry to hear that your kids have not found work. Have you checked whether they will be entitled to benefits when your tax credit and child benefits stop. if they still haven't got a job by then?