Sunday, 26 August 2012

Me on the NO-WORK Programme,

I have been on this so called work programme for just over a month.
I went in on Friday at 4pm and I saw the advisor who in fact is ok.

I asked him if he knew of any vacancies he could point me to, he had one, it was for an  Aldi in Mansfield, about 15 miles. They had a total of 50 vacancies in various areas.

So he told me each advisor are to refer 3 people.
That sounds not too bad yet, but then they are to meet up on Wednesday morning and they are going to take the job seekers there, still not too bad. But then oh-so what are the hours then ???
Well it is between 6am and 9pm flexible.
So then I said to him how will people from here get there before 6am if they do not drive? He then said well that is the problem.  There is no transport from Chesterfield to Mansfield until 06.30, we checked.  And he said he has only put one person through for it who has transport as he did not think it right taking them along on Wednesday knowing that they could never get there themselves.  Also he does have his own target to reach but sometimes facts and people do come before targets.

The advisor is someone I actually know and as I have said before he knows about the job searching and courses and other stuff I am involved with and was happy with the information I gave him from the past month. He asks if there is anything I can think of which would be of use to me. He also asks if I have applied at the company he works for??? I have and got to stage 3, which was an hours telephone interview.  I obviously did not get the job as that's why I am sat in front of him.

I said that this job seeking stuff gets ridiculous and you can lose who you are, it drains you. It becomes your main focus.
Well I told him I am wanting to learn how to play the guitar, I keep trying  and he went away came back and brought me some papers from his first ever lesson, he spent about 10 mins talking to me about this and gave me a copy.

Although I did not come away  with any decent job vacancies, I came away feeling like me.
Justine x


  1. Glad to hear your adviser seems decent and fair. Hope he continues to be this way. It can be really irritating when you find a vacancy and then realise the hours prevent you from applying. People often retort 'oh why don't you relocate?' but that isn't always possible. I'm very suspicious of targets - proves that a company is profits driven, which is not how welfare provision should be.

  2. Hi thanks for the comment, basicaly these agencies are selling people.

    It is all about targets and reaching them no matter how.

    There are many people who make money on the back of the unemployed.

    Also as for youself who has health issues, there is no real help at all. Just to push people further into more problems.

  3. It's good to hear someone has a good adviser. I'm on my 3rd one now in 10 months. This one does seem to know what she's talking about so fingers crossed.

  4. Hi Justine,
    As you might now be aware, I have been visiting your blog and seeing how things have been progressing. Way back when, I mentioned that my son is going through a similar and at times disillusioning quest like you, to secure some gainful paid employment.
    And at times it has been his experience that some staff members at the Job Centre and those awful job agencies, talked to him a condescending manner. Yet, as I can read here, you have had a positive experience with that advisor. That's a refreshing result and I'm hoping your future will be brighter, more fulfilling, very soon.
    Kind wishes, Gary :)

  5. Hi
    Well what can one really do this govenment wants to cut every thing on the work front, But then opens up these work programs which cost the tax payer more money Ha Ha. But the big problem is that when you get put on the WP you are no longer classed as unemployed in the figures. when you ask for help to do courses they tell you we have no FUNDS for you so you ask the Jobcentre and they say you are on the WP they have the FUNDS the government has given it to them. The biggest problem is we no longer have the really large industrial firms like we used to have here they have all gone abroad where the labour is half what it cost here. In Southampton alone there is nearly 8000 people unemployed so where is the work for them and it is rising every day but the government is'nt interested as long as they can make there cuts work and waste more on these silly schemes. Anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL THE POOR OUT THERE

    1. Yes, you are so right about the figures being juggled.
      It is all about look for work , get a job, do free labour. The fact is this and previous Governments have really F----d this country right up.

      Yet again the poor get pummled, and the rich get .... well.

  6. My adviser scares the jesus out of me. Everytime I have an apointment with her I really have to calm myself down before hand, from my first appoinment she seemed set on giving me a sanction and is always saying things like: "If you don`t apply for x amount of jobs by next week I will sanction you." etc etc....