Monday, 6 June 2011

How much do you want a Job???

Bogus Jobs at Job Centre. I saw this on the news on thursday.  See link.

I have had my internet cut off at home so I am finding it a bit difficult to keep up with my Blog at present.

The dream job I had applied for didn't amount to anything. Well I did get an email saying I had not made the short list.

The other job I did get an interview for went really well untill it came to what exactly I would be doing.

The job description said it was a role to support people in the community, help people access goods and services, contact other organisations etc. It sounded ok and I was keen to hear more.

When they said the job involved alot of personal care for people with severe physical and mental problems bathing, washing, dressing and toileting.
I think my face must have dropped as this is not what I was expecting. The job advertised did not say carer and I am not very good with this sort of personal contact..

I think there are people out there who do this every day, and do not think twice about it but I know I could definately not.

This has made me really think about things, and I have tried to get my head around doing a job like this.  I could really do with the money and have been looking for so long.

Well anyway I didn't get offered the job so it was made a bit easier I guess.

Anyway it has made me think.

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  1. I've not seen one job advertised by the DWP that was accurate. I suspect this is deliberate because it in no way in the best interests of the employer.