Monday, 23 May 2011

Job Interview and notice to seek repossession.

I am really happy and really disapointed at the same time.
I am constantly applying for jobs, some of them really random, some of them dream jobs and some just, well, because I have to.

Having applied for some jobs at my last visit to the back to work agency I was surprised when I had missed calls on my phone and eventually spoke to someone who had received my cv and was trying to email me some more info and requested some from me.  Anyway, she told me of a position they had which she thought I may be interested in as it was an advisory role. So she sent me the pack and it sounded as though the role was made for me, or me for it. It sounded a dream.

So I had applied  for both, the first one I fit into the spec somewhat, but the second I fit into it all, every bit.

I knew the deadlines was over now and I received a call today.  Wow - she told me " we would like to meet you for an interview."  I was made up - buzzin. But after looking into it a bit more I then realize the job is the first one, the one I have least experience of and it is part time. Still I am made up to even get this far. Then I have an email saying I had not even got the interview for the second  one which was perfect, also full time.

I just don't get it. But I tell you I am made up and it is now one step in the right direction.
So fingers crossed, as I need a bit of luck.

I have received a notice to seek possesion of my house and need to go into the council tommorow.
Things have been slipping for a while now and becoming evermore difficult to stay on top. I do not know what to do. I got into problems with my house before and I know it is a main priority, but it is like juggling,  and you learn to juggle with 3, then someone throws you a ball, you manage that and it seems just then, someone throws a few more, so it is then that you drop the lot.

I do not want pity or to hear myself moaning and I really hate it when people say that this is a lifestyle choice, or that I am lazy or a scrounger and why should I have enough money to live on because I have no job. The fact is this, if the worst came to the worst and I lose my house then what???? Is it my kids fault or my fault that everything is so bloody expensive??? - that people like me or in a worse place than me are faced with decisions every single day about things that people take for granted. The basic things in life are a major issue for us.

Anyway enough about all of this I am going to bed. I have not been sleeping too well, and that is not something I usually have trouble doing- so night night.

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