Friday, 8 July 2011

Looking for work.. Interview under caution.

I have no internet access at the moment and finding it really difficult to check job vacancies, as well as keep up with my blog.  I have had my phone cut off too.
I was at the job centre recently and rang up job seekers direct about four vacancies.

One had been suspended, two of them you needed qualifications not advertised and the other one at least sounded ok. I spoke to the lady for a good 15 mins. It was a job share but still heard nothing.
I have been told of one which sounds really good so have sent for an application pack.

As usual,  I was asked to prove what I had been doing to look for work. So I had to produce lots of job sheets, numbers.

I have had a letter from the job centre saying they think I may have commited fraud.
So had to go in and have an interview under caution.
I did take a solicitor with me as the initial letter from them was a bit harsh.

It seems my house has been watched, he told me they had to obtain permision to do this, and had my childs  birth records looked into. This was to see who was down as my child's father.

So now the DWP have looked right back to the birth of one of my kids. In a nut shell, they are investigating - do I live with someone as my husband, civil partner????? 

Do I share bills??  how do the public perceive me?? does the other person have another address?? does anyone support me and my kids???

I would like to know what they think I would do if they were to stop my Job Seekers Allowance!  I do not manage now. 

I have to wait and see what my fate is......


  1. Sorry to hear of your continuing problems. Regarding internet access, have you tried the local library? In Leicester, the libraries allow 2 hours access per day free to local residents. I believe that some councils only allow 1 hour, but that would at least ensure that you get on the net every day that the library is open, other things permitting.

    I really do hope things get better for you.

    Meanwhile, I have been put on "The Work Programme" which is supposed to last for two years but may not in my case, because if I don't get a job within 20 months, I'll be put on pension credits. If I get a job before then, I think it will last 2 years because they may be tracking my progress.

    At this stage, I still don't know the details of what it's about, but I don't have any expectations. I'll just go along with whatever I'm supposed to do.

  2. Hi Peter, How is the Work Program going, also did you check the age for pension credit now they moved the goal posts and made it so you have to be older to qualify???

  3. if one recieves pension credit, does that mean that you do not have to go to the workprogram?