Wednesday, 21 March 2012


I am on yet another course.

I found this one in the JC+ and it said I was to ask an adviser about it.

When I was enrolled I got a letter. It said Failing to attend may result in loss of benefit.  What ???
It also said that the job centre refered me.  A tick for them then.

I wanted to do this. Anyway It was for two weeks 9-4 and I still have to do the job seeking while on it..

It was maths I did, and a PC one. The maths  test  I passed.  It is a recognised qualification which is good. I am still on the PC one.

Although I use a PC every day almost, a lot of jobs require proof of things.

I had 3 missed calls today, and then when I looked at my emails it said someone had been trying to contact me about a job I have applied for. So I emailed back and told them to try again.

Anyway, will update with any news.  x

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  1. The only thing that surprises me about this is that they actually allowed you to do a full-time course. The standard rules stipulate a maximum of 16 hours per week, on the basis that you have to available for work at all times - or maybe the rules have changed (again).