Saturday, 3 March 2012

Workfare demo.

I went to a demo in my town today. I was with some others made up of a mix of people.
We was giving out leaflets and just informing people of the Governments scheme to allow people to work for 8 hours a day on so called work experience for no money or proper training..

Now do not get me wrong, some work experience is good. I did work experience when at school for two weeks. I worked in a shoe shop and got experience of being in a work place, working on the till, restocking shelves, and customer service. I was not allowed to get money due to restrictions on my age etc, but did get to choose two pairs of shoes.  I was happy with that as I felt I had been rewarded for my hard work and enthusiasm,  but if a company has a job that needs doing, you should experience the wage at the end of the week for your hard work.  The Government allows companies to take on people for not one penny, and in some instances pays job seekers allowance at a really low amount.  Companies should pay people to do their work.

Jobs which exist are not safe now, as people lose hours and days, and are released so that a person can do the work for free. At Christmas and times like that, the staff who would normally be paid were not in work, and the free labour was in there.

Of course the company will do this, after all they have money to make. They would not pay someone when they do not have to.

They are the only ones who get anything from this, the people on work experience do not learn, nor earn anything.

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  1. And what annoys me, is that they seem to say its only for the 16-24 year olds.. Forget the accountant that has just been made redundant after 30 years, and is now on the dole.. I am sure stacking shelves will really help his employability. I have osteo arthritis of both ankles, tendonitis, and most of the tendons on my ankles are torn and will never heal.. so if i stand up or even walk about i could fall over and break my ankles again... (they arent bad enough according to the doctors to go on ESA), but employers see that and see i take pain pills and they are less likely to hire me.