Saturday, 25 February 2012

There are loads of Jobs out there. It's just that no one gets paid to do them.

I get it.   All of the companies involved in the work programme or the like, are all companies which if not involved in the scheme would still need the jobs doing, and so would have to pay people to do them.

When I left school there were loads of jobs if you had not much of an Education, ie shelf stacking , manual stuff, and as you worked in a place you got the experience and could move up the ladder that way. Work you got paid to do.

It is now that you cannot get a job as you need the experience first.  And how do you get the experience.  The DWP sends you to a place for free.

Like everything, it has been going on in such mass numbers that lots of people are in these places do not get paid one penny, and it is giving large companies the rights to do this.  Why would they pay anyone to do the hard slog??? they do not have to.  So put an end to it now, and the crappy jobs would still need doing so let someone have the chance to earn their wage.

It does make you laugh, as it is so obvious the only people profiting are the companies owners.

I bet half of them have some kind of friendship or interest or investment with those allowing this to go on, as shown to be the case so often before.


  1. The only jobs that are created are in the companies like A4e.

  2. At least the fightback has started. Until just recently, the media accepted everything the politicians said about back-to-work schemes, because it was what they and most of their readers wanted to hear. Now they are learning that it's not quite like that and they are beginning to listen to people who know what these schemes are really like. I'm not building up my hopes for myself because any changes will come too late for me (a year and a week to go before I move from JSA to pension credits), but I do hope that the rest of you can look forward to working again for a proper wage.

  3. What i've noticed from the jobs that are advretised with DWP (despite their claims that most jbos are mysteriously 'hidden') is that they are just not practical for people because they are part time.
    When you are working 20-25 hours for NMW you are taking home at most about a hundred quid. Probably less if you have bus fares anything like mine. You aren't paying income tax more than likely and NI isn't being paid by an employer from your wage. However you will still need to provide that payment in order to qualify for a state pension.
    So really when people say even part time work is acceptable and thus people are job snobs the reality is quite different. of course it makes sense to stay on the dole. But that agai implies that one is a scrounger and lazy. But the reality is no alternative.
    What's the tory solution? Remove the safety net altogether and lower that minimum standard to sub-victorian levels. The end result is poverty, plain and simple.