Thursday, 17 May 2012

Work experience

Well I went to the Job Centre on Friday, and my Job seeking agreement was changed.
I am to be available between the hours of 9am and 8pm Monday till Saturday, and 9am till 6pm on Sunday. I am to look at sites they prefer you to use ie, and the adviser was actually OK.  In fact it was he I saw when I became an official job seeker 3 years ago.  I have been sent from one agency to another, on this course and that, and now I am back with him.

I was told that the DWP are teaming up with Monster jobs, (a job seeking site) and the job site are to send you jobs and if you do not apply then they will inform the DWP.

I mean that is all good and well but they will not be doing it for free.  What about good realistic help from the DWP, not-oh we will try this now.

I have been put forward for work experience for two week with a new Debenhams. It is any hours between 9am and 8pm 40 hours for two week unpaid, and they " guarantee you an interview. " I mean do not get me wrong it may lead to a job and that will be really good, so I will update you with any info.

I have no news on the job front  except a call about an office job, but other than that it is the usual, automated response or none. I do not know if it is me or not, but there does seem to be a few more jobs coming up in the area.
Justine x


  1. It sounds like you've been put forward for Workfare so I hope it works out better for you than the others on that scheme. I didn't know about the monsterjobs thing - I wonder how much they're being paid from the 'public purse' for that.

  2. Good, Realistic help seems to be the only thing the DWP doesn't seem interested in providing.
    Rather than paying these shady companies massive amounts of public money I can't see why they don't use the money to try to get people some decent training so they can fill these skills shortages employers are saying we have.