Friday, 25 May 2012

Sorry you have been unsuccessful.

I went to the job centre today to sign, and it was very quick.
It seems sometimes they wish to just get rid of you.

When I got home I had received a letter from a job I had applied for. It was a call handler job for a new non emergency telephone service 111, I had really liked the sound of it.
Well I did not get the job, which was a shame as there was approx 20 vacancies. It is a new service to take pressure off 999 calls and you then have to direct the people or refer them else where, at least they let me know.

I also requested  some feedback from another job recently. It had taken me along time to fill in the application form, it was as a support worker for an housing association.  When I did not receive confirmation they had my application I contacted them to find out if I had been considered, as I felt I met all of the person specifications and I took my time to give examples of how I did. Anyway, I did not hear back so contacted the HR department and it was someone from there who found out for me and could not really give me much feedback, but did say that there were some more roles coming up and would I like to apply???

If I was unsuccessful and they could not be bothered to tell me they had my application, then it makes me feel do they even look at them all??  Well I will apply again as you just never know.  One of these days I will be told YES. 


  1. As someone who continues to experience the agony of my 23 year old unemployed son who has to live with me because of this brutal economy, I am sincerely hoping you finally get the chance you deserve and that you get that "YES".
    Try to have a good weekend and stay positive.
    With respect, Gary

    1. I can really empathise with him, and yourself. The yougsters seem to getting a real tough deal at present though.