Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee, misery for the unemployed

Well amongst all of the celebrations in the city, there was the story of unemployed people being taken to London to do unpaid work.

This is nothing new, it goes on a lot, but people are only just being made aware of it.

I found an article in the Guardian, these people went unpaid, without even the privacy to get changed or shelter at night, all on the promise that this unpaid work, MAY lead to some paid work.  What makes me angry is that this is allowed to go on.  Private companies get paid alot of money to organise these events, such as security and crowd control and the like, and then they get the unemployed who will do anything in the hope it may lead to some paid work.

Most of the time it does not lead to anything, as these companies just say things like they were not suitable and then take on a load more people with the same hopes. All of the time getting free
labour and treating people badly some of the time.

and a follow up


I am due at the Job centre tomorrow to find out when I am due to do my work experience.. in the new Debenhams. I am to be flexible from any time between 9am and 7pm for two weeks.

I do not need experience, I need a job.  I am hoping this may lead to something as I am told I will get an interview.  But I feel it may be that I can work my butt off for them for free - and then they will just get someone else to take my place.  I will update you.

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  1. reading more about close protection UK.. (from my neck of the woods).. there is something seriously weird about it.. the company owes £185,000 to its creditors. The main head office is a small 3 story building. She has had many businesses at the same address