Thursday, 21 June 2012

I have got an interview ! :)

Well I have been applying for a lot of jobs recently, and mostly it's a case of no reply or just "no"

But I applied for an advisor role ( just my thing ) and they have actually invited me to an interview. I am quite optimistic, I fit all of the spec and so-fingers and toes crossed.

Also I have applied for a job in a betting shop, and they are going to ring me tomorrow for a telephone interview. This one is a customer service role. That too would be fine. Both are full time. Although it would take a bit of getting used to full time hours, I need it and want it too. The first one would involve some travelling but I am prepared to do just about anything now.

Well I am due at the job centre tomorrow and am not at all looking forward to it.
I am going to challenge the 26 things a week, to look for work. It is unrealistic, as every job for example you apply for takes some doing. It is what counts as a step to find work that is unclear, as I asked if I spent 6 hours looking at job sites on lots of sites and applied for jobs does that only count as one thing?? Yes it does.

So I need to be clear. As 52 things in two weeks is not realistic. Not from 6 anyway.

The courses I completed some two or 3 months ago- the PC and Maths etc, I was supposed to get certificates for. They were recognised equivalent to GCSE A-C and the PC was advanced.
Well I was keen to add these to my CV and do not feel right in doing so without them. So when I saw someone who I was on these courses with, and he said-he too had not received his certificates, I decided to try and find out. I contacted learn direct as that is who sends them out when they have checked everything, they was no help, so I emailed the learning provider by email, they contacted me and said "oh we have them here"  well when was they gonna tell me??

They do not care as they would have been paid for me attending, that is another story.  Anyway I will fetch the certificates tomorrow and I worked really hard for them.

I am going to update my jobseeking sheet with the things I have done today to look for work and see what they say at the job centre tomorrow. x


  1. Hey Justine,
    Apologies for not commenting recently, but I have been checking up on your progress.
    Let's hope that you finally get the opportunity you truly deserve. All the best with your interviews and may you soon have happier times.
    And that 26 things a week is a joke at the best of times. The Job Centre does a lousy job of helping.
    In kindness and good wishes,

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