Thursday, 28 June 2012

I am gutted

Well I had managed to secure two interviews on Tuesday, one was an advisor role and the other was customer service in a bookies.

I felt I had prepared myself well for any questions or possible scenarios.

The first one was for about an hour and a half in total.  It was really intense and I did not have a good feeling. There were two people interviewing me and that was a range of real life situations questions and scenarios.

The next was ok. In fact it felt to go well, and they said they would let me know either way by the following day,  I had a good feeling  (Nothing.)

The first was going to take a week or so. I am not holding my breath.

On a more possitive note I had a call about another one I had applied for via  a 3rd party, so did not know who the employers were,  (this is common you get vetted before they pass your details over)

So I am to go next weeek.  I am going to prepare well for it and I always think of what they may ask considering the role and how I will reply.

It is good that I am being asked for interviews based on my skills and experience,  I would not apply if I did not think I could do the job so what can I do to make sure I get it?

I am thinking about possibly saying give me a trial. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, but do not want to sound to pushy.

Any advice would be gladly received.

Oh there is a by election around here soon, I have never had so many visitors in one week   HA

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  1. Hi Justine,
    I'm a reporter for the Derbyshire Times. I've been following your blog and would like to do an article on you in the paper. Do you have a number I could contact you on?
    You can contact me by emailing or call 01246 504578.

    Many thanks,