Monday, 6 August 2012

Job re-posted

Well I was just searching for the latest vacancies in this area and came across a job I recently went for.

It wasn't that great, a customer service role but it was a job none the less.  Well I had got myself an interview, researched the company and prepared well, and it seemed to go quite well so was hopeful. I fit the spec quite well.

I found out I had not got it and although I asked for feedback, got none.

So today when I was looking on line I saw the very same job in the same place put back on in the last day or so.  It must not have worked out for whoever got it then. This made me think - as this is a mystery to me - as to why on earth people go for jobs, get them, and then it does not work out.

So here I am still looking, and filling out endless forms etc. It is all very time consuming.  I do not just apply for anything now though. I am a bit more selective and take a bit more time and care with the application process.

Still forever hopeful.

Justine x


  1. I have seen this happen as well. I reapply for it Being on a4e you tend to apply for everything, over and over I know they wont give me the job, they know but to cover my back i apply for anything i can get too.

  2. I've seen that happen often. Employers readvertise jobs and you wonder how they failed to find someone to employ. Often it seems employers just won't take a punt and won't hire someone without them meeting the rigid, mostly pointless criteria set down. I often feel that entry to a job should be more flexible - that would make it so much easier to hire and be hired.

  3. You also find that employers take too much time making their minds up as to what they want (they don't even know that either) and the person they offer the job too declines because they found something better. That means they have to go out and re-advertise. Slight modification on that is the job is crap and the person that gets the job leaves soon after for another job they had in the pipeline. More often than not though, the company recruit the wrong person in the first place and realise their mistake. Not how good you are, just how well you play the appointment process.