Thursday, 26 July 2012

The so called Work Programme.

I went yesterday at 5 pm. It is a good way from me, I had a really busy day too.  Here, there, everywhere and back again.

Well I was lucky as my adviser is the exact same person who was my adviser at the other place I went to.
I know him personally and he gives me some inside info sometimes, such as targets and case loads etc. He understood when I said I was not signing the release paper, the one which allows them to contact others and receive payment for me being on their programme. They get enough anyway. Without inventing things.

He assured me it will not have a negative impact on me. As the release form is proving quite a useful piece of paper.   It could be confusing I guess if you are not aware of all this, as they do bombard you with info and papers, about data protection and stuff, but then on the other hand by giving permission to them, it all goes out of the window.

He knows about the campaigning and volunteer role I do, and is really good to have a chat to him.

Anyway it was short and sweet. No looking at screens, and that nonsense.

So, It may change next time I go, but until then all's well.

No news on the job front, I have asked for feedback from the last one, but heard nothing.

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