Friday, 13 July 2012

Letter from DWP

I have had a strange letter. It is from an independent company on behalf of the DWP saying someone will contact me soon to ask me some questions on the HELP I HAVE RECEIVED whilst looking for a job.
What???  It says it is confidential and that other than themselves and the DWP research team, will have access to it. It also says it is up to me if I tell them anything.

Well I will tell them that all these things they dream up just do not work.
Including people who send out such letters, unless they can make a difference, so will ask them what will the outcome be after hearing peoples experiences.
The money should be put into trying to create jobs, not pay people to tell me to look at a screen for hours and send me to large private companies for them to get free labour.

If you experience work then experience payment for it. As these companies have jobs that need doing and they are being done for no payment, as the very people doing them are sent here there and everywhere.

Oh I had another interview last Thursday. It went really well. They rang me back on Monday and asked me to go back for a second interview. I went yesterday.  So we will see.  It is a job I would like to do, and I would working with people who are facing redundancy or been made redundant. Helping them to access services and help.

Justine x

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  1. Hope you get the job! Sounds like you'd be a useful asset having experience of being a jobseeker.