Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I am reallly gutted.

Well I was hoping that this would have been the time I could post on here with some good news that I have at long last got the job.

I found out this morning that I had not.

Now although you somehow get used to this, this one seemed to go really well, and then the second interview, I even had my hair done. HA.

Well I guess it  was  just not meant to be.  I have to think like that other wise I will just get so down with the whole thing.  This is not an option.  As I have to keep searching and improving my skills and knowledge and hope that it will happen.  It is not through not looking hard enough or putting the effort in to each application, so then I think well what then??? That leaves me.  But deep down I know I will give my soul to get paid work as that is my goal, I know I have loads of skills and am really good with people. I go out of my way to solve problems but can not sort this for now.  Who knows I may start my own "looking for jobs company" ha. My Daughter said to me today "Mum it seems to be your job to look for jobs"  she is not wrong. 

Everyone around me has been really aware of my efforts to find work, and each time it gets to a stage of reply, interview or what ever, they see what affect this has.  I am not mardy or unrealistic but did think that I would be in work by now.

So I am at the job centre on Thursday to be put on the work programme. That will be nice, not.
 Oh I found this today for looking at unemployment.

Justine x


  1. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the job. It's hard getting so close and then losing out. But as you say, all we can do is move forward. If you're just starting the work programme on Thursday, remember you don't have to give them any information as it will be supplied by the JC and check out the websites online for advice on what's optional and what's mandatory.

    1. Hi, I am officially on the work programme. They rang me today(saturday)

      I do not want to be difficult but I am not going to make their job easy.

      I have had a year of sat at a pc with a private company, looked at my CV, been on more than 20 courses, and applied for hundreds of jobs.

      I do not need work experience, I am in a working environment at present with my volunteering role, which I keep being taken out of for these bloody appointments. So I am keen to find out what they are to sugest next. Tips to make it harder for them to get payment for me would be considered. Let them earn their money.

  2. Hi does this ring a bell! My name is Dave as a kid I was on a circus! And went out with a justine bark for a week are you her!?

    1. Oh my gosh. Is that really you??? Of course I can remember you.

      How are you??? I tried to follow the link to you, but had a problem. Is it you email???

      Where are you at???

    2. Yeh its me! Yeh its my email address! So drop me an email and i ll mail you back!

  3. If so! daviddonart@gmail.com