Thursday, 19 July 2012

The work programme ( people on it are not classed as unemployed )

 I have come across this today. It says that people on the work programme are not counted as being unemployed. See link

It's official, I am on the work programme. I am to expect a call within 48 hours from the company who is       " Going to help me overcome barriers and aim to find me sustainable work"

I also found out today that for the last 6 month I was supposed to have had intense support from the job centre with two people. They said sorry but for some reason I was over looked.  I have had a call from a local news paper today about all of this job seeking and stuff and I told her that although these things need highlighting I am fed up with people making on the back of this crap. ie her for her story, these agencies who are getting paid to so call help me, etc. This is my life, this is real and this is happening all over the place.

Oh also, I found out today that these companies who have got big Government contracts (work programme) have access to available jobs that never get released to the bloody JOB CENTRE, so is that another reason people are struggling to find any then???

It is f-----g ridiculous.

The letter I was talking about the other day, the one from an independent research company, with DWP on top, getting feedback about help I have received whilst looking for work. Well it said I would get a call.  I am still waiting, so I rang them as I have loads of feedback.
I was told it has not started yet, and I would be contacted in due course. As I was telling her I would like that, she apologised and said she had another call coming through, so put the phone down. Can you believe it.


  1. I told them this is how they play with the figures.. i told them over and over, but no one believed me.. I am not surprised at how people are treated and its getting worse as more and more people are talking about it, the bad press is putting pressure onto them.

  2. Work programmes do say they have access to job vacancies not found at the job centre, but they only put you forward for the job if you ask them to, which means you have to be at A4e or where ever every day to ask what vacancies they have & tell them to give your CV out. and I haven't seen any yet that haven't been advertised at the job centre.