Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Easter hols.

Well my son is back at school today, my daughter at college.
Not much to say on the job search, I have had not one positive response in weeks, other than the usual automated ones online - that's about it.
I did have high hopes for one in particular, but nothing.(it sounded perfect)
I have filled in a few applications in the last two weeks, they all take a very long time, as they all require different things.
It is all getting a bit much, I do not want to lose sight or all hope and keep telling myself something will come up.
Anyway it has been a bit of a drag as with the Easter holiday.  I got paid early, which means I have been so broke for the past week, it has been rough.
Anyway back to normal now.
I hate money, I really do. I do not want for lots, or material things, I just want to get by, the occasional treat would be nice but "beggers can not be choosers"
Well anyway the sun has been shining and all is well and here is to tommorow and for another day.

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