Friday, 13 May 2011

Jobcentre staff 'sent guidelines on how to deal with claimants' suicide threats'

I went yet again down to the JC to sign today, and don't know why but it was packed.
Every job point that was working had someone on it looking desperately through the job pages.
I did notice quite a lot of youngsters there. 

When I was eventually called I had to provide the evidence of my attempts to find work. The man I saw was polite, I have seen him before.  I had a reply from a job I had applied for some time ago, the usual sorry but bla bla. Anyway I am feeling a bit low still, but try to keep plodding on.

I am behind with everything at the moment and do not see a way clear as there is no sign that things are picking up with job availabilities. I feel as though I am struggling every single day. My phone has been cut off as I have not paid the bill.  I can still take incoming calls but not out.  I am behind with my water rates and arrears and tv licence. I am lucky as my kids dad does help me out when he can, but he himself has his own problems too. He pays for the kids to have the internet, but if the phone gets cut off completely then that will be an end to the internet too. That will lessen my chances of looking for jobs and opportunities - never mind my kids.

I have heard that fuel and the cost of living is to rise up again.  What is happening here??? 
It is already so bloody hard to manage. 

Well on a brighter note I have just completed another of my training courses, another to add my my forever growing cv of things that I thought may help me  in my search for a job.

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