Saturday, 7 May 2011

Response from one of the Jobs I have applied for.

I received a call yesterday afternoon. It was from a lady who told me she had received my cv and was trying to send me some information via email, and for some reason it failed. I gave her another email address and got the information. I had applied for a support role.
I was a bit shocked as I had two missed calls from her and she told me of another vacancy they had and that maybe I would like to apply for that one as well. It is giving advice on a wide range of things. It involved support and guidance, some of which I have experience with. It sounds amazing and I dare not get too excited but it was at least a recognition of my hard work and determination in looking for employment,  I have been doing this for a long time and you are lucky if you get any response.

These applications vary so much, and take such a lot of thought and care that when you do get a reply it is a bonus. It would be nice, in fact no it would be ace if I got an interview and a chance to show how much I want/need a job. It would be amazing if I got to do anything, but if I got one of these two positions in what I am passionate about then I feel I would be lucky. Fingers crossed. I have to print off the papers first and get them back asap.

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