Friday, 6 May 2011

Back to work agency

I have just returned from the back to work agency, nothing much to tell really other than I applied for 4 Jobs while there, updated a few things and gave them all the evidence of jobs I have applied for since I last went. I was in a different group today, I usually go in the afternoon.
It was a mixture of people and was absolutely packed. I was sat not 2 feet away from a young girl on my right who had a terrible cold and on my left was another girl who just sat texting the whole time, litteraly.
The advisor appologised for being on his own and made a remark about filling seats, but not being able to manage the people on his own, he is sound.
 Some of the people was there for their first time and seemed a bit lost, I just got on with it, it is mind numbing.
I am all for looking for work and opportunities to help you find work but I can not help feel bitter about such places who make money out of peoples misery.
I have been there for some months now and not one hint of anything has come from there in any form. I was quite open minded about it to start with.

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