Saturday, 19 March 2011 site

Looking on the Job site tonight.  There is not a lot of new vacancies on there.
The ones I have applied for in the last few days have not yet sent an automated response.
It seems that most of the Jobs are usually placed by an external agency .( I say this as it is not always possible to post your CV as an attachment and the Job advertised is in the name of another firm ). The receiver blocks them. It must be after they receive a certain amount.

It is a bit difficult as the Employer only usually gives one way to Apply. Email

They don't usually give an alternative.

Also I have recently applied for Jobs in our local paper.
One requested own hand written letter, others gave a phone number or you could  request an applicatiuon.

  • Sent off  my letter for one.....Admin in an Office. No response yet
  • Sent off for application for another ......For a  housing authority.   No application has arrived.
  • After I rang yet another, I am told the position has been filled.......Hire Shop  .This makes me wonder as it has only just been advertised.
Well we will have a look tomorrow

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