Thursday, 31 March 2011

I had a strange call. Is it a trap???

I was in town this morning at the place I volunteer when my phone rang. It was the JC. "Hello it is bla bla bla calling to check that you are coming in tomorrow at 12.40 to sign"??? I thought this was really strange, as I have been on jobseekers for 15 months now and my appointment  is the same time every two weeks. I have never been contacted about this.  By the way they allow you just 10 mins leeway. If you are late it causes problems for you, yet you can be sat waiting for them for ages, they must think you have nothing better to do, seeing as though you are unemployed, but sit watching them chatting in their lovely job. Why? Why ring me to ask this? Maybe it is just the good customer service they offer? not.  Maybe they have read my blog ha.
I think it maybe something to do with the feedback from my complaint, as I complained about the agency which I was refered to, I asked some questions about why they do not deliver the service that they are supposed to ??? The very reason you are sent there. They are so stretched themselves that they can not  deliver the very services that they offer. I think I will be given lots of statistics.
I guess I had better fill out my Diary, (A log of all the jobs I apply for) for the JC tomorrow. I have to have everything recorded in the same place. It is just a matter of me gathering all of the jobs I have applied for in the past two weeks, they put the evidence on the system, you have to show you have taken at least 6 steps to find employment. Mmmm I don't think they would find it amusing if I said " I have actually taken thousands of steps to get here today, and I have worn out my shoes"

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