Saturday, 26 March 2011

March for the Alternative 26//03/11

I have just come back from london, having taken part in the march. It was a very peaceful demo and was refreshing to see our local MP came along, in fact he was on our bus. There was a good mix of people including families with very young children. My son came with me and found it funny that lots of Teachers from his school was there in support. Even the very younger Generations are well aware of what is happening as it is affecting them daily in one way or another. It seems that since we left there this afternoon there  has been lots of trouble and damage caused to major firms. Top shop, Vodaphone, The Ritz and more. You see these are Tax avoiders and it makes people angry that they are allowed to get away with it. While people are loosing Jobs and services due to the cuts. The Goverment could pull back Money from other sources. As it was not the the average person who created this mess yet they are the ones paying for it good style.


Ed Milliband made a speech to the protesters in Hyde Park. He was brave to come if you ask me , but then again he is the opposition of the Con-Dems.

Star Wars. This was my favourite banner.

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