Saturday, 19 March 2011

Follow up of Job

Applied for a Job two weeks ago, I saw it in a window in  Town. When I went in  the lady took some details.
She asked for a CV which I took in the next morning as the Manager would be in.
The Manager  told me the Job would not just be at the back of a till and that there was a lot of work involved.

I told her I don't mind hard work . Only to be told that in fact she had taken two people on and that I should come back past the shop in 2 weeks and if the Jobs are still in the window it's because the people she took on are not suitable. Any way been in today asked about the Jobs and she says she has people in on a trial.
I mentioned this place to my adviser yesterday and it turns out there is always some Job advertised.
It is just a small shop and only about two staff.

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