Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Jobless. TV programme

I watched part of a TV programme last night about families who have recently lost their Jobs.
It was different to the the ones usually shown on prime time and this one was on late. After all who wants to know about  this???
It did highlight some of the difficulties families face adjusting to unemployment and the lack of vacancies available.
eg claiming Benefits and the amount of time it takes for them to get processed only to find that the amount allowed comes nowhere close to being able to manage everyday living costs.The  Law says a single person NEEDS £ 65.45 per week TO LIVE ON. I would like to know where they get this amount from.
Some of the people felt angry to the fact they have paid into this system and yet get little in return when facing difficult times. Things that people may just take for granted in everyday life such as  a Car, Shopping ( food ) School meals, Public transport,  heating and electricity Suddenly become a main focus as you are forced to make really difficult decisions as to which ones to cut back on.
I hope that If nothing else it may go towards changing peoples views on what they think about people out of work and on Benefits. Some think it is a lifestyle choice. Thought by those with well paid Jobs usually. If they are unfortunate to lose their Job and have to experience it  for real then would soon realise the word choice has gone altogether .Life style, well you don't have any life, just an existence.
Anyway I have just returned home. I am part way through a Training course and I am hoping all of this Training and Courses will help with my CV. If nothing else then I can at least keep myself active and take up any opportunities to gain Skills and experience in as many varied roles as possible.
Hoping that a Job is just around the corner.

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