Monday, 28 March 2011

Is there anybody out there????

I got a phone call today from Radio Sheffield. They had seen a link on Face Book and wanted to speak to me about my job search and blog. So I have agreed to have a chat in the morning about this. If it helps to rid the views and myths that unemployed people are lazy scroungers living the life of Riley then it will be good.
I remember someone said to me "People are potentially one wage slip away from the back of the dole queue". Only now it is not likely you will walk into another job is it?   People are out there day after day looking for work, going on training courses and volunteering. They are not sat at home watching day time tv going on holidays and driving posh cars. More like they can not have the heating on or can't buy decent food or afford a tv never mind a licence. They can not afford the bus fare or tavel costs looking for work. People are punished for being unemployed. In the past if you had no Education there was at least some jobs available to you. Now people with  a very good Education can not find work. All of the factories in my town have gone. Glass works, Steel, Pits, Chemicals, Tube works and Lots of pubs and independent firms have closed  to name just a few.  So finding work is just not that easy. Yet I have to provide the evidence of at least 11 jobs I have applied for every 2 weeks between the JC and the agency I was sent to. The JC requires 6 and the agency 5 others. Evidence being what job, where I saw it, who I spoke to what they said and what was the outcome. You are lucky if you even get a reply.

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